Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas is really over and this time I'm certain.................

I forgot earlier that I hadn't finished the Maryland Crab pillow I stitched for Michael, which wasn't ready by Christmas...finishing is my enemy...but before he moved back home I wanted to make sure I got it done to give him.  He was thrilled as he had picked out the pattern when it arrived in the shop.  It's from Samplers Revisited's, Pat Yergey.  While Pat worked the model on 36 ct. linen, I opted for 18 ct. over 2 to make it as big for Michael as possible.  Mine measures about 13" x 14".    The stitching was the easy part on this one.  For some reason the finishing, which shouldn't have been difficult, was problematic for me, and I think I know why.  I just didn't want to do it so everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  But in the end I got a pillow made and Michael went away happy, and isn't that all that counts with a gift?  At 3:30 p.m. today,  Sara picked Michael up and I'm teenager free.  While he was a pretty easy houseguest, I'm thrilled to have my castle back to myself.  I was so tired of eating out (now I can't believe I'm saying that), in fact last night I asked him if he "really" wanted to eat out or would he like to have me cook something?  He said, "I was thinking Nan,  do you feel like going to Ruth Chris'."  At first I said, Oh, Michael I really don't feel like it, but then I thought, it's his last night with me, so I got dressed and headed to Ruth Chris.  Had a wonderful dinner, then it was home for Moonshiners and Duck Dynasty....oh, my God...will this madness never end?  He went to bed around 9:30 and I hate to admit this, I watched the rest of the show without him in the room (I am almost embarrassed to admit that, but let's just say I was too lazy to change channels.)  So this afternoon and tonight will be spent cleaning up and stitching.  I am putting the finishing touches on Sweet Heart of Mine and it will be done tonight...whoppee!!!!  Then it's on to Lizzie Kates Mystery Sampler (2014) as part 3 has arrived so now the piece can be finished.  I started it in the shop but didn't get very far with it.  I also want to start my Sherri Jones piece, Patriotic Patty.  This is so darn cute, I can't wait.  And this time I will actually be taking the class.  Sara doesn't feel I'm any longer capable of working the shop during an event when there is another group in town who will be in the shop at the same time....I think she may be right so I don't mind.  Plus that means I get to keep the piece....well as soon as I take the old dirt nap Sara will be inheriting all my stash as well as my treasures.  So I am only holding these for her (shall we say).  Got to get to my stitching....oh, the rain finally ended, while you got snow we had steady rain, either pouring or misting all day yesterday so seeing the sun was a welcome sight today.  The forecast is calling for a nice weekend, thank goodness, as Camp Wannastitch is in town for the weekend.  Welcome folks we're waiting for you! 


S in MD said...


Love the pillow.


Sally Rutka said...

Thanks Sue. It was an easy stitch...only took a couple of days to stitch.