Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Still in the glow of Christmas.....

I just love my new Christmas gifts lovingly stitched by friends. While I received more from each of these ladies (oh, my,  look out Sunset Grille, I'm on my way) I'm just talking about the stitched gifts they gave me.  But let me just say Thank you one and all, I appreciate and love you for the time you put into this at the busiest time of the year, and I love what wasn't stitched as well.   Our Judy Brunclik stitched for me  me the 1st piece pictured which she then finished in a Sudberry circular wooden coaster like frame.  Now this is the dearest design, and I can't remember seeing it before so  I can't help you with that (should you want to stitch it), but I love this little guy and the Mistletoe soap which I have sitting in it was also part of the gift.  Perfect for the holidays, but I intend to leave it out year round.  He's just too cute. Thanks Judy...I love it, and a great finishing job.  Next,  "Friends" is one of the pin cushions designed by "Hands on Design."  They published 3 charts each with 3 pin cushion designs."  Another "to do" item for me to stitch but now I have a head start, one done.  Thanks to our Stacy Stinson, I love it and you did a great job in finishing it.  Stacy's mother use to do all Stacy's finishing, but for over a year now Stacy seems to be finishing all her own work.  Kudo's!   And the last picture was part of my gift from our Pat Weker.  Pat loves knitting but is not a big fan of counted cross stitch, but you would never know it because she always stitches something fabulous for me.  This was a Jeannette Douglas piece, also in my "to do" pile.  Thank God I can now remove some charts from my "to do" pile, which gets bigger by the minute..  Anyway, how perfect is this for me?  Ocean City...crabs...well,  it's a no brainer.  And the crabs are really well done, don't you think?  Some crabs,especially small ones, seem a little wonky to me, but Jeannette's is perfect.  And the shape is  a  little different biscornu shape.  Really cute and finished again, perfectly.  Pat has had a hard year as her mother has been in the hospital, but she still managed to stitch and it makes me feel really special,  so thanks so much Pat.  I love it .   No wonder I love

Christmas so much.  I will have these items sitting on my side table so I can play with them before they go on the display shelves.  Perfect.  Oh, before I forget....for those who come to Stitch 'n Bitch, we will not be meeting next Tuesday, the 13th, but have moved the meeting to the 20th.    Sara's decision to go back to Jamaica again has Michael staying with me and  I am uncomfortable leaving Michael alone to go to the shop for several hours at night so I felt it was better to move the meeting one week.  Thanks for your understanding.  I'm sure he would have been fine, but it would have been a distraction for me and we know the last thing I need is a distraction!  I can barely focus now on one thing. 

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