Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thanks for joining me in 2015.....

First let me wish you all a Happy New Year, and hope that 2015 will be better than 2014, healthier, happier, and more prosperous for you all.  I had a wonderful holiday, and somewhat dreaded what came on Monday....back to my reality.  Yes I began my school of teaching Michael once again.  Having off since December 9th had spoiled me...but I knew that I could get back on the horse and be on track in short order, but having off, even with the hubbub of the holidays was sweet.  I got all my holiday stitching done, yes, delivered my hardest finish on Christmas Eve to Renee and was thrilled to be done.  I actually finished the stitching on the pillow you see here for Sara before Christmas, however,  I actually put it together after Christmas and presented it to her on Friday at the shop.  The design is by Widgets and Wool Primitives and is designed for a smaller count, but you know how I love big pillows and therefore stitched it on 18 ct. linen over 2 which made it even bigger and ended up with an 11" x 8 1/4" pillow....fabulous!  Sara loved it when the design first arrived in the shop 2-3 years ago and it's been in my "to do" pile ever since.  Since I was running late on stitching something for her, I picked it because I felt sure I could get it done in time (I had less than a week to get it done).   I was close and here close counts.  The second picture is a piece stitched by our Candi Conner.   She and her mother, Linda, stitch, get the finished piece framed and then drop most of  the finished pieces  off to us for display (thanks ladies, your kindness is appreciated).  Anyway, the design was Candi's first needlepoint piece, and she did a beautiful job of stitching.  The colors are so gorgeous, just perfect.  The design is from Needle Delights Originals and uses a number of specialty stitches all explained in the chart pack.  Fun Project!  Candi used their color selection which I loved, but if you love other colors you can always change the colors because this is a canvaswork piece and comes as chart only.   The only thing I didn't finish in 2014,  that I thought I would get done was my Welsh Cottage, so now I've decided to use the 2014,  I so boldly stitched,  to commemorate the beginning of the stitch and then I'll add 2015 somewhere to show the date finished.  Since I have the front, back and one side done I assume I can get the chimney and the 4th side (1/2 done already)  stitched by the end of 2015.  While I could have finished the stitching between 12/26 and 12/31,  I was so worn out with Christmas stitching I changed gears and started a new piece (let's not discuss all the partially started pieces I have).  Since I just got the finial Ladies Prim Society kit, a Blackbird Stocking, I decided to stitch it.  I scheduled 3 days for the stitch and met the goal.   I have to put it together so I'm not showing it yet, but hopefully I'll have it done this week along with Michael's Maryland Crab pillow that wasn't put together for Christmas.  It will become an after Christmas gift.  Since I finished the Blackbird Stocking, I pulled another kit out of the bag in the living room, (to eliminate clutter with family in for dinner I moved 4 bags of "to do" things from the living room to the closet).   It is Barbara Jackson's Sweet Heart of Mine.  It was a Shining Society piece and Sara got it for me as a gift...Thanks Sara... you will be rewarded for your generosity. It's been a fun and really a fast stitch so far.  Barbara does like to baste a lot, but I thought I'd do it this time to see if there is a reason I need to do all the basting.  While I do generally baste my areas on the fabric, I'm not sure it was necessary on this piece.  I don't waste fabric, if anything I go too close to the edge, so I knew spacing for that would not be the problem, however, I took the time and basted anyway.  I've almost finished the inside panel and since it's over 2 it's going quickly, although I did have issues with her alphabet, which is over one.  Most of it was fine, but "Y" which is difficult and her "g" were too big, in my opinion, but I stitched her alphabet since I was too lazy and too tired to redo.  Also she stitched her "h" 2 different ways which drove me crazy so after I noticed it I stuck with just one way.  There were a couple of other letters which were done 2 different ways but once I noticed it I changed all of them so they were the same ( I didn't go back though and change the 2nd one so that could drive me crazy in the end since everything has to match in my world).  Anyway, having fun with that. The colors are beautiful and it's a piece I can assemble so win-win.  I've started the Lizzie Kate mystery sampler, "Things Unseen" and will be working on it only in the shop.  So far I'm working the border so things are going smoothly.  I stitched her other 2 mystery samplers with no problems, so I think I'll be fine.  I do wish Linda would add a photo of the finished section to each packet so I can see what it should look like.  I sometimes have to look at the chart and picture to answer a question I might have.   Anyway, we're still here and can't wait to see you in the new year.  Have a great day

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