Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another finish I forgot to post....

I actually finished this before Christmas, actually before Thanksgiving but I was waiting until all the stars were stitched on.  Well, they still aren't stitched on as I misplaced the stars that came with the first chart (this design comes in 3 charts), and while I got a 2nd set at the shop and brought them home, well I've misplaced those as well, so I've decided to post it anyway. ( I know I'll find them in the stitching bags I stashed to get the house ready for Christmas).   I loved this design with the Harvest Moon and couldn't wait to stitch it.  I had never stitched on the polka dot linen, and I had a few issues with it (I found that the dark dots showed up through the lighter stitched areas) and quite honestly I think it distracts from the design, so if I had to do it again I'd use regular linen....nothing should fight with the design.  Another area I had a problem with was the lettering which I loved and would not consider changing.  But I got so frustrated, Sara finally said to give it to her and while she's done that before with other things I'm bitching about, this time I gave in and let her try it. Normally I get through it without help, a lot of bitching, but I get it done.    She was able to do it quickly, and with no bitching.  But she agreed it wasn't the easiest thing to do.  It's really more embroidery than cross stitch.  But I don't care if I gave up, I love it anyway.  The design is called "Something Wicked" and it's from Sam Sarah Designs.  Their designs are quirky, colorful and fun to stitch.  Lots going on in these designs.  Now I have to get it finished!  Last night with Michael moved home, I worked on the latest Lizzie Kate mystery sampler.  I made good headway and will continue working on this, since all parts are now in house, until I finish it.  Lizzie Kate designs are fun and easy designs and are a thrill to work on in between more difficult pieces.  Since I put the finishes on "Sweet Heart of Mine,"  I felt I deserved a fun and fast piece.  Around 9:00 p.m. I got a text from Michael.  While at my house, he sleep in the guest room with no T.V.  At home he has a T.V., along with ever text device on the market.   Keep in mind Michael is a 13 year old boy.  His text read,  "It's not the same with no T.V. in my room and no you."   He is such a sweetheart, I miss him too, but also thrilled to have my castle back to myself.  I haven't watched Moonshiners, Gold Rush or Duck Dynasty since he left (I think I'm getting back to my old self).  Saturday I'm back in the shop as Camp Wannastitch is down....all 130 of them.  While we never see all of them, we see many of them and it's a fun weekend with them in town.  So I'll get my rest now and talk to you later.

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