Sunday, February 5, 2017

Let the Games Begin,

The games here started Thursday as the retreat stitchers began to flow in.  So Friday they were ready to shop, shop, shop.  We were ready and I got some new models in for them...The first is an Olde Colonial Nashville 2016 piece.  Comes as a kit with everything including the thread stick which also has a magnetic strip attached.  Fast, one night stitch, an hour to assemble and done.  Love this type of project ... instant gratification.  

ABC Spool by Needlework Press

This must look familiar since I stitched it once before....but since I gave it to Renee, she loved it so,  I had to stitch it again because Sara also loved it and we needed it sampled in the store.  This was also a fast stitch...I started out doing 4 letters a day but after 3 days just sat down and finished it.  Also an easy finish since it's glued on.  I did add the pin cushion to the top just because I always like to add, add, add to make it my own version of spool.  

And then my favorite stitch this week, Block Party - Snow...

I loved the colors, I loved the fabric...there was just nothing about this I didn't like.  I did make one small, o.k. maybe just 2 small changes...I used beads for the eyes and the buttons on the snowman (it just called to me to do that) and I changed the Holly Berry color to Bucket Scarlet by Gentle Arts.  There was nothing wrong with the Holly Berry, but I personally wanted the pop of red to be a bit brighter.  But Holly Berry was also pretty.  Oh, I did make a 3rd change and again this was a personal choice.  I changed the wool out for a Lancaster Red wool patch for the top of the pin cushion.  Oops, I did make one small 4th change.  Instead of the orange color in the banner at the bottom I used the bucket scarlet.  The fabric was PTP Dwarf (I think) only because we didn't have what was called for but I think it worked out beautifully.  Loved the whole project.  It may look like each side is the same, but if you look closely you will see that the bird on the snowman's arm is different on each side.  So cute, fun to stitch and the assembly is so simple.  On the last 2 Block Party pin cushions,  I used stuffing and did a hard bottom.  But this time I decided to cute squares of Warm and Natural and pile them until they filled it and there was no need for the hard bottom.  It worked out beautifully.  I'll be sorry to see this series end because I have all but one in my todo tote, and have finished 3 now and can't wait to start mend.  The project took me less than a week start to finish so winner winner, and of course I also now have the JABCO set of pins sticking in my pin cushion that says "SNOW plus a 5th snowman pin."  Cute


Well got to get to work, the stitchers are back over playing in the shop so I want to go play too.  Hope your weekend was as much fun as ours.  Hope you were also able to take advantage of all the super bowl sales going on.  It's a great time to pick up some of the more expensive wooden pieces you might be interested in.  Anyway, have fun watching superbowl if that's your bag and enjoy a day of stitching.

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