Monday, February 20, 2017

Uh, oh....I'm not having a good morning....

It has nothing to do with needlework, although I did forget to bring my fibers with me so I'm here with my Selfie Sampler by Lizzie Kate and no fibers....not that I couldn't pull new ones, but I'm trying to act like a grown up and use what I have first....just no fun at all.  But my problem this morning is with people.  I really have tried not to go one one of my rants, but honestly people....people coming in are just driving me crazy.  First woman in this shop today (I'm in Sea Trader trying to mind my own darn business) says to me as I'm holding my needlework trying to figure out where my threads are..."Oh, are you knitting."  Honestly, I was so dumbfounded I couldn't speak for a minute, but then managed to say, no, it's counted cross stitch.  I mean how could you mix the two up, not even close.  And if you  know so little about it why not just ask me what I was doing, I don't think I'd have a problem with that, but knitting.  So I said to Sara, "I'm not sure I'll make it to 4:00 if this is how the day is starting.  But I calm down, go back over to Sea Trader when a woman walks in and says, I see Thrashers is not longer opened so they not here any more?  Again, I was like deer in headlights...are you kidding me...this can not be happening is running through my mind...or am I being punked.  But no one came running in to say "we were just trying to drive you crazy."  So in the end, I pulled up my very big girl pants and said, "It's winter here so they are closed for the season, not gone for good."  I realize that today it feels like we're in the 60's but folks it is still February and that's winter for us.  So summer businesses are not open in February.  I went back over to Sara who was at the cutting table and said, that's it, I'm not sitting in there any longer and she was just laughing because she heard the woman ask me that question and knew I'd go crazy.   And just now a woman came up to me with a card from here and wanted me to read it because she loved it.  I don't need to read cards here because I put them out and believe me I've read them all.  But of course I read it and laughed and commented, but again, it's causing me to go around the bend a little bit at a time and I'm not sure if this keeps up if I will make it to noon, let alone 4.  The card woman reminded me that I finally went to our Super Walmart, which I hate so I don't go often, and I was looking at Valentine's Day cards for my grandsons when a woman walks up to me and showed me her cards, proceeded to read them to me and wanted to know which one she should buy.  I then had to hear all about her life choices before I could give her my opinion.  When she was yammering on all I was thinking was "why the hell did this woman accost me instead of all the other people who are in this store?  What is it about me that to me...ask me stupid questions because that is why I came into Walmart!"  Well it will be another 6 months before I walk into that store again.  I'll just have to walk quickly and not loiter more than a second in any one spot.  On the plus size, no one has walked by in a bathing suit today that doesn't fit them properly so at least that's one rant I won't go on.  But honestly, nothing else is safe.  I really thought I was not going to have a clothing melt down, but I just can't let this go.  A rather bottom heavy young woman walked by wearing leggings and a short let me just advise women about leggings.  I am an expert on the look, even though I don't wear them, and I don't because I'm fat!  Putting me into a pair of leggings would just be asking too much of those leggings.  But if you are heavy and you want to wear leggings, then for God's sake put on a tunic top which covers the stomach and the butt.  But this isn't really just a heavy set girls issue.  I've seen older women, with really remarkable figures, and even they shouldn't wear them without a longer top.  Just because you can fit into something, doesn't mean you should wear it.  And that goes for us all, young or old, I don't care what the fad of the moment is...when you are out in public cover your jiggly bits for all our sakes.  And now I'm  done.  Back to stitching.


Nataly K said...

LOL... You had me in stitches. I have all of these thoughts on a daily basis...Being in retail subjects us to the crazies. Hope you are having a better end to the week.

Sally Rutka said...

Hi Nataly,
Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in my thoughts. I often wonder if it's just me. Nice to know there's someone else out there thinking like thoughts. A few days have gone by so I'm hopeful that with 3 days off I'm renewed to face the weekend of customers. Better to have customers I question the sanity of than to have no customers at all. Thanks again to taking the time to let me know.