Monday, February 27, 2017

OMG, another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  This is my view which today only reminds me once again that I live in a wonderful neighborhood.  The sun is glistening off the Atlantic Ocean, the temperature is going to hit 60's today, no winter coats in sight and it's so nice there are people sitting on the beach.  Stitchers it just doesn't get any better than this!  Well that was suppose to post on Friday, but I got busy...pulling more supplies and forgot.

Today it's not as warm or as bright, but its still a good day in the neighborhood.  We leave tomorrow for Nashille so today we are busy today getting the shops straightened and cleaned up before we leave.  Well Sara is busy,  I'm busy pulling supplies for me to take to Nashville.  My stitching, always the first thing in the car.  I might forget my underwear (God forbid) or my toothbrush, but my stitching will be there.  Have had my suitcase in the living room since last week, sorry I didn't get around to putting anything in it until last night.  All through February I kept telling Sara I was going to have everything ready before today so I wouldn't be up all night cleaning and packing.  I had the best intentions, however the road to that is paved with "could have, would have and definitely should have.)  But this morning I started at 4:30 and finished getting all my stitching projects bagged with linen, fibers, etc. so the most important packing is finished.  Underwear and socks are in the suitcase, so I'm almost finished packing clothes.  The computer bag is packed and label maker in with it, along with the office supplies I need.  Oh, I'm feeling ever if I would just not sit on the sofa when I get home I may be able to get some sleep tonight.  I usually don't get on the  computer until we land in Franklin, so I'll keep you posted from there.  Can't wait.....Have a great week..

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Vee said...

Your post gives me hope that Spring may be on the way. Our coast on the Atlantic was cold and windy thought of NOT wearing winter coats!