Friday, February 17, 2017

Tiny Stitching.....

While it has been a couple of weeks past the time I should have mentioned it....our Superbowl sale was a big success and we want to thank everyone who took part.  It was a real boost for us and we appreciate seeing you and having your support.  We especially want to say thank you to our Pennsylvania retreaters, our Baltimore and Ocean City retreaters and our Delaware retreaters who were staying on the property for a long weekend.  They were coming in and out for three days and it was joyful to have so much activity at this time of year.  Stitchers on the property always provide us with a fun weekend.  Stasi Buhrman brought her show and tell for the stitchers and I know many of you have seen the piece on her blog but honestly you can not imagine the finished size unless you really see it in person.  She stitched it over one on what turned out to be 58 ct. linen.  It is stunning.  The pattern is called Sew Scissors by I Stitch.  I would like this pattern, in fact it's in a tote somewhere,  on 28 ct. linen, but taking it to over 1 on 58 well, fabulous.  Thanks Stasi for  letting me take a picture and then putting it on the blog and inspiring me to do better.  

And then she pulled out the finished class piece from Jamboree 2016 held here.  While she wasn't able to come to Jamboree in 2016 due to her daughter's wedding, she found the kit on ebay and snatched it up.  It was so nice to see it finished....although we saw it when the class was offered here, I love to see our stitchers finish their class pieces.  So kudos Stasi...good job.   She has better pictures of this on her blog if you would like to take a

I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of other's show and tell, Jayne alwas does over one and she brought many pieces, but I was not in blog mode so never even though about it.  It wasn't until Monday when everyone was gone except Debbie and Stasi when I my brain started clicking again and my thoughts turned to blog and pictures.  So I apologize to Jayne for not getting her over one's on the blog alson with many others beautiful models shown to me over the weekend.  I will do better next time (hopefully).  Again thanks to all who were here and supported us during the Superbowl weekend.  

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Stasi said...

Thanks for the shout out Sally! Had a wonderful time, as usual, and now have some new projects to work on from the sale! See you the end of March!