Monday, January 30, 2017

Snow Day....never happened!

Yesterday when the weather channel announced snow was forecast for us Sara and I started our happy dance.  I noticed it was only forecasting one hour of snow so I knew we couldn't expect a lot, but at the right time of the day it could shut us down....nothing better than a day off when you are suppose to be a work.  But when I got up today, looked out and saw the rain/snow mix I started deciding on what I was going to take to work, and even though it turned to snow by 9...well let's just say by 9:45 there was no sign of it left.  Now it's 11:00 and the sun is out, the ocean is sparkling and we're on track for a beautiful snow left anwhere here.    I needed to come in anyway since I realized when I was stitching last night I left my ring of floss hanging on a  hook on the counter in Sea Trader.  Everyone knows that terrible feeling you get when you realize you supplies aren't with you.  So at least I'm back on track with that project and should have it completed by Superbowl weekend.  As I was walking by my needlework treasures display, I pulled our a gift given me by Stasi Buhrman last year for my birthday.  I know I never showed it to you so I thought I'd pull out things periodically and show you some of the treasures I've received.  They won't be in any kind of order, just as I reach in the display.

The is called "Shepherd's Purse" from Shepherd's Bush.  I loved this from the first moment I saw it and have it in my stash somewhere, never stitched, so I was particularly thrilled to receive it.   When someone stitches something for me that I have in my's a win win.  One more project I don't have to stitch myself.  However, in this case I love this so much I'm thinking of stitching it and passing it on to someone who loves Shepherd's Bush too.  Stasi did a lovely job at stitching and her finished is fabulous.  And the delicate button she used (the one in the kit was on the one she stitched for herself )is actually more delicate than the one in the kit.  Beautiful!  

I would never actually use this for fear I'd pull out a thread, or damage it in some way, but I still put the things I would keep in it as if I would use it.  So inside my little purse is a pack of needles, a small pair of scissors, and a tape measure.  

Sara got me the information on Betsy Morgan's classes yesterday so I got tha on the website under events so if you think you might be interested in either the Virgin Queen Sewing Wallet or the Bristol Bag just let Sara know.  

Have a great day!  Don't forget this is Superbowl Weekend coming up.  We'll be having our day from Friday through Sunday so call us, e-mail us, text us, or just come on in and see us.  

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