Friday, January 20, 2017

I'm back to stitching....

A dreary day in the shops so I'm blogging.  I'm thrilled to say I have finally kicked my IPad habit, or at least I was able to for a couple of days anyway.  As you can see I'm almost done with my Bunny Egg, which is my challenge piece for May.  Everything but the rabbit is done,  which I'm having issues with as I want to do it my way and that is creating a problem for me.  However, this weekend I'm tackling it again and will get it done or die trying.  But I love it and I'm going to send it away and have it finished as an cute!  And a Thank You to Stacy Stinson who gifted me the tool you see.  It's used in the orthodontist office where she works and I was telling her about a pair of scissor looking needle pullers and she mentioned they used something similar and snagged a pair for me.  (Apparently they have to replace them in her office periodically so I was in line to get a discard...yea!!!)  I seriously needed this to get some of the thread through the canvas so I am thrilled with it.

While going through my cell phone pictures I also found the Lizzie Kate "Flora McSamples 2016 treats" piece that I finished for Christmas, which I thought I'd forgotten to take a picture of.  As you can see I used the "Do You Hear What I Hear" for the pin cushion and then used the "Dasher" for a needlebook.  Inside the needlebook I attached a scissor sheath made from Weeks wool on one side and on the other I attached Weeks wool needle pages.  The scissor fob was taken from the pin cushion sheep.  I thought it made a nice set for Christmas and was fun to stitch, and easy to finish.  That's a win win for sure!   

For the past two days I spent hours reorganizing (for the 2nd time since January1) the 6 tote bags stuffed to the brim sitting in my living room (behind furniture so hopefully I'm the only one that can see them).  But I was looking for something to stitch for February and that meant going through every bag so I reorganized by the season.  So now I just have to go through one bag to find spring, winter, summer and fall.  It will be so much easier, however, this doesn't even take into account all the charts, kits and stuff in the stitching room.  But the living room is holding the most current items that I just have to stitch.  So tonight's plan is to get the rest of the supplies for the February project so I can get started on that.  Then, of course, I might work another small kit.  I love getting several pieces done and since I haven't worked on anything for awhile I need the instant gratification of finished stitching.  I'm dying to start Blackberry Lane's, "All Dressed Up For Winter" snowman.  I love her designs as they are so detailed so I might have to stitch that...which is O.K. since I consider January the month to do winter and snowmen.  In fact I've absolutely talked myself into starting that tonight.  Then I'll start on Valentine's Day.   But it's so good to be back into stitching.  My life had a missing joy by my not stitching every day.  And even though I knew all I had to do was put away the IPad, I just couldn't make myself do it.    But I have to thank everyone who posted their projects on facebook because I looked at them everyday on the darn IPad and I think it eventually helped to pull me back into it again.   To thanks for showing me all your current and finished projects.  Sara just told me about a problem with Belle Soie again.  There seems to be a problem for them getting the silk so therefore we will be having a problem getting Belle Soie until it gets worked out.  We still have quite a bit in inventory but I always start panicing over things like this way before it becomes urgent.  But keep that in mind when you are picking fibers and need multiple skeins.  And since it's the base silk that is the problem, most of the companies supplying silk fibers are probably running into the same issue.    For those interested in the classes we offer, we still have openings in all classes at this point.  You can see what the classes are on the events page on the web site.  Don't forget the Super Bowl Sale....with the discounts offered it's a great time to get those shaker boxes, Lone Elm Boxes, etc., that are a little costly so the discounts help with that.  Also a great time to increase your stash with fibers, charts, etc.  In the meantime, have a great day and keep those needles moving.



wranglerkate said...

Your bunny egg looks adorable! Would love to see some close-ups, especially as you finish the bunny. Thanks for sharing!

Sally Rutka said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for checking this out. I spent 2 days trying different stitches and then pulling them out, but I'm going to work on some different stitches this week and will show my bunny once I get him done. So Please keep checking back.