Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We're still here.....

  Had to show you my view this morning (Monday)...the bottom picture shows the beach beside the sea wall....a little pond has developed from the sea coming up to the wall.  The top picture is the view from the sea wall to the ocean.  We have seen a tad of the sun this morning, but right not it's spitting rain again, no as I look out I think it has stopped.  Anyway, tomorrow promises sun so we just have to hang on.  But thank you to all who were thinking of us as the hurricane promised to come by and the North Easter' stopped in first to say hello.  We had 2 retreats in Ocean City this weekend, the Delaware Valley Sampler Guild was staying here in the hotel and the Tangles group who always stays on 12th St..  As the week closed in on the weekend, several of the Delaware stitchers cancelled for fear of what they would be facing here or having to weather storms driving down, but there were 7 hardy stitchers who refused to let the weather rule and came regardless of what was happening.  And there were several members of the Tangles group who would walk down here (only about 4 blocks but in a Northeaster') multiple times each day, so we thank everyone who came, we were thrilled to have company for the weekend and we appreciate your hanging in there with us.  While we saw a couple of ladies from the Tangles group,  this afternoon it's just Sara and myself and it's kind of lonely.  However, in 2 days that will change as the OCSJ will start with the arrival of the early birds.  For the first time in forever, we have received 95% of the orders we placed (we started really early) have it priced and out...whoohoo we're getting things done.   I'm also certain Sara placed a few orders yesterday...let there be a lull in Sara's day and she is working the internet, busy ordering the latest "stuff" for the shop.  Go Sara!    I've finished 2 more of Val's Halloween ornament series, the new Shepherd's Bush sheep with the Santa's hat, a couple of small little kits to go into the goodie bags, Shepherd's Bush Patriotic Box and the Pumpkin Box, and the Lizzie Kate mystery sampler is finished.   Speaking of that sampler, I have to say I couldn't handle the "tomorrow is mystery" and ended up adding the "a" which I will show you when I post it later.  I also got 3 gifts done for friends with birthdays....yes I was on a roll.  But Serenity Harbor is still waiting for me to return....which I will do as soon as Jamboree is over.  After the pre-stitch, I just had to have some fast stitches and so I couldn't go back to Serenity Harbor.  But next week I shall return to it.  I may do a lot of stitching, but I can never hope to catch up.  I took home 8 new projects this weekend...oh, my I should live long enough to do half of them.  Last night I started Lizzie Kate's limited edition, "Halloween."  This is one of her "almost a kit" kits, which has everything but the floss, ric rac, fabric for backing, linen and beads and I'm hoping to get it done in 2 days, but since we are in crunch time for OCSJ, I'm not sure it will happen.  I've got the cookies to do yet and a few other things have to get done for the weekend so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  And I'm  just itching to start another Brenda Gervais piece for Halloween.  Well, time marches on and so must I.  Got stitching to do.  Have a great day!

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