Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jamboree 2015-the best Jamboree yet!!!!

At least that is what a lot of the stitchers are saying, however, that might be because they took home each of their projects complete, the pear, the needle book and the buttons...done, finished, not sitting in a bag waiting to be done.  The apple pincushion was not done in class, but several stitchers got it done before going home as well.  While the finished pear you see was given to us by Cecile, from Just Another Button Company, I saw many of the finished pears walk through the shop and everyone did an excellent job.  If I lined them up on the counter you wouldn't be able to tell which one Cecile did or which ones were done by the students.  Thank you Cecile, not only for our pear but also for a great class. (I personally had wanted this pear so much I was going to buy the kit, so imagine my happiness at being given one.)  The next class was the pear needlebook and the apple pincushion  taught by Cathy from Hands on Design.  Most stitchers completed the pear needlebook in class and some completed the apple pin cushion before the end of the weekend.  So, that means that 3 projects were completed and then the 3rd class, button making with Rachel from Just Another Button Company.  Below you see the pears made by Kathy Renard, who was carrying on the theme of the weekend, pears, and then you see Candy's buttons which were a little more intricate.  You could do any buttons that you wanted.  While I thought it would give everyone an appreciation for the time and energy that goes into the JABCO buttons, several of the ladies stated they were going to make more.  But that was 4 projects for the weekend and many got all of them done.  Opps, I almost forgot the scissor fob, to say nothing of the perforated paper project.  Well, the projects just go on and on.   So that made the weekend that much better for everyone and was highly successful.  So thanks to all the teachers who made their way to Ocean City, and big thanks to all the students who traveled from far and wide.  It's the stitchers who make the events possible so thank you so very much.  And while they are exhausting for us all, they really are fun.  Hope to see you all again at the 2016 events.


Debbie Brotzman said...

Thanks, again, Sara, Sally, Mary, and crew for another wonderful weekend! We had a great time; stitching, learning new things, visiting with friends, and laughter.

Robin said...

Thank you Sally, Sarah, Mary, Vern, Michael, Brian, and everyone else at the Lankford and Salty Yarns that made this past weekend fabulous. We always enjoy our stitching time at the Lankford and Salty Yatns and Jamboree did not disappoint. Thank you for all you do to make us feel so welcomed and "treating" us so well.


Sally Rutka said...

Thanks Debbie and Robin for such wonderful thoughts expressed. It's such a wonderful event with the sharing of ideas and the classes. We also had a good time and are truly grateful for all the stitching friends we have made.