Friday, October 23, 2015

Shepherd's Fold is now complete....except...

 I'm thrilled that at least one series is completed...except I now have to finish the inside of the box, but I'll get to that later when I have time.  Just to have the stitched pieces completed is a thrill. I've done many of Shepherd's Bush needlerolls and they were fun and fast to do so this was a joy to do as well.   Remembering how to finish them was a challenge for me, even though they have excellent directions in the kit but I finally  had to look at the ones I'd already done to see that I was moving in the right direction.  I'm always so unsure of finishing so even if I know mentally what to do, I just have to keep checking myself as I'm always sure I'm doing something wrong.  Anyway,  "Fear Not Needleroll" turned out to be an easy finish, even with my hesitations.  "Reach" which is a ruler case was even easier as it is a nun stitch finish and I'm so use to that finish I don't even have to read the directions anymore...Thank God! Finally a finish I'm quite confident in.  This is such a cute piece as well with stitching on the front of the case as well as the back of the case.  As with all the pieces, I did leave the words off of this piece.  Remember I didn't understand from the beginning what the words had to do with the pieces until I was on about the 3rd or 4th piece.  But by then I had already changed the wording on the lid and so it made no sense at that point to put them on any of the pieces.  I still love each piece and love that I now have a project box from one of my favorite designers.   Now that the season is over, my work at the shop is almost non existent and will be until Thanksgiving when I once more go to work 4 days a week.  Right now I'm in retirement heaven.  Get up, stitch, read, stitch some more.  I have become so lazy I barely pick up after myself but I'm hopeful that this attitude will change and hopefully sooner rather than later.  I look around and my stitching seat (on the sofa) is surrounded by these huge oversized tote bags filled with stitching projects or stitching stuff, and under the coffee table are mesh bags filled with projects to be done or started and in the corner beside the sofa more bags stuffed, honestly it's no wonder I don't sleep well, I can't stop thinking about all the stitching I still have to do.  And this doesn't even take into account the closets I've got stuffed or my stitching room.  I need to stay awake for the next 20 years and then may still not be done.   But such joy just to be stitching.  I wonder what people who don't stitch do with their time.  I have the T.V. on whenever I stitch so I'm hearing what is happening and I do look up now and again, but I'm stitching the entire time.  So, I'm living life and loving it and hope that you can say the same.  Right now I'm trying to finish 2 pieces I had started as they were lingering under the coffee table and I'm on a mission to get these pieces finished and out of the living room.  That's my mission to clean out everything that I can see from my seat so it's not so overwhelming to me.  Well, I best get back to it.  A couple of hours on the internet and my fingers are looking for a needle.  Have a great day. 

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