Saturday, April 4, 2015

It's Friday and there is no school so it's back to work for me and while it's not perfect outside, with temperatures in the 50's and just a brief few drops of rain earlier, it's close.  O.K. there's a bit of wind, but the top picture is my view of the world, gorgeous.  You can tell summer is right around the corner, bikes on the boardwalk and the Alaska Stand opened today.  Hot dogs and French fries for everyone!   I finally got Luck in a frame so you can see that finish (can't count it for this week as it was finished before St. Patrick's Day) and while I usually go for a "cutesy" frame for this kind of stitch, I felt gold was appropriate with the pot of gold shown on the piece.  Fun, fast and cute from Lizzie Kate.  And the third wrinkled picture is my progress on Serenity Harbor.  I cheated and finished part 2 before completely finishing my 2 shop models for the week, but I have until tomorrow to get them done, and the stitching is finished so keeping fingers crossed that I get the finishing work done here in the shop today or at home tonight.  But guess what showed up today....Oh, My, Gosh....part 4 of Serenity Harbor and the fun will begin with this piece because the inside design is starting, there's a sailboat, a lighthouse and a house to say nothing of trees, water, I'm so excited I don't know how I'll work on anything else....but I must so I'm trying to keep it out of my mind at this point.  I can't wait!  I have encountered a slight problem with using the fabric I chose.  I chose a color close to the color in the picture initially shown which is somewhat like a light sand color.  When stitching the clouds they really get somewhat lost, however, I pulled them out and decided to stitch with two threads (the rest I've used one thread on) and it made a difference.  In person they do stand out now, even though they are still hard to see on the internet.  But in person they look fat and fluffy so I'm happy with it.  Oh, know, UPS just showed up with 19 cartons of stuff.  Going to be a tough afternoon, hell weekend with 19 cartons, for us all....well most of this is for Sea Trader and at least 6 cartons are the goodie bags for different events, so not everything has to be priced and put out, but that leaves 13 cartons...UGH!  I'm hiding over here, keeping my head down and mouth shut!  Have to tell you I had a ranting moment yesterday in Michaels, which as anyone who knows me knows I hate, at least the Ocean City store.  I only went in there to get a container to put Lizzie Kate's "Little Grey Hare" on. became a nightmare.  I finally settled on a shadow box...I'll show you later...I'm in line behind a woman who said, "I have a 40% coupon but forgot it at home."  I'm not sure what anyone expects a cashier to do when they leave their coupons  home, but apparently this idiot thought the cashier gave a damn, which none of them do in Michael's.  But in the cashier's have to be presented.  The woman was then trying to get the Michael's website up on her phone.  So while she attempted this numerous times, while a longer line was gathering, she kept mentioning her friggin coupon.  She finally, after several attempts, got the web site up and spies  a 30% off entire purchase coupon so she then thinks about which one to use and the cashier thankfully ends that delay by telling her the 30% is for the next day and the 40% is for now.   This  idiot actually considered leaving what had been rung up to come back and annoy us all over again get the 30% off.  She kept looking at the idiot husband and said over and over, "I should come back tomorrow and get 30% off shouldn't I?"  She never gave a thought to those who were ready, with or without coupons, to get the hell out of this store.  She never even looked at the line and said, "I'm so sorry that I'm being such a dumbass," because apparently her world revolved around her.  I also, of course,  put blame on the cashier who should have said, "I'll have to ask you to step aside until you are ready and then will take you, but people are waiting."  I always come out of our Michael's saying, "I am never setting foot inside this store ever again." or at least until I am desperate for something.  As if that wasn't enough, I was watching the news when they had the story about people saying their pets are service dogs so they can stay with them on planes for free, instead of riding in the cargo hold.  Really, what is it about people that no thought is given to those who truly have disabilities which they need a service dog for. Should all passengers on an airplane bring their pets on with them?  Do these people think their needs should be above everyone elses?  If they keep this up and the airlines says no more to any pets, what happens to the folks who truly need service dogs.  What happens to the passengers who are allergic to pet hair.  My Sara has an allergy to pet hair, pollen and wool.  She gets around dogs or cats and it's sneezing, eye watering, and just plain misery.  Does anyone think of these people.  None of us mind making exceptions for those who are truly in need of a service pet.  But I do mind those who think they are above everyone else and the needs of everyone else.   We do not live in our own world, we live in a world with other people.  It would be nice if  some people took  others into consideration.  Instead of  being shocked when someone is rude, I'm now shocked when someone considers someone else first.  What does that say about people today? 

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