Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ooops...forget to post this apparently, so the order is screwed up in the posts.

Hello, I'm still here and I'm stitching up a storm...and having a ball doing it it.  Before I went to Nashville I had plenty of stash loaded in 3 bags sitting in my living room.  I hid them in plain sight, two tables each have one shopping bag under them and then I have a huge stitching bag stuffed to the gills sitting beside the sofa and another one in front of the sofa (it's the most urgent) and then of course, I have my everyday stitching bag stuffed...1/2 full that I take with me to the shop.  My has, of course, increased since Nashville and I'm manic as I see so much unstitched and feel the need to get it all done.  Anyway, with Patriot Patty done (what a wonderful stitch that was...thanks Sherri, I loved stitching this one-as you already know I've loved stitching most of yours...had a few issues with Hare Pins, (I created the issues by not reading the directions of course)...but let's move on because in the end it was a beautiful piece.  With Patty done I can't wait for the finishing class.  Anyway, once that was done I pulled out a lot of stash and had to force myself to hone in on 3 projects for Easter.  I chose the Shepherd's, "Busy Bee Bag" shown first.  I just love these bags.  I've stitched everyone of theirs.  It's a wonderful 2 night project and who doesn't like a new little bag to hold their stitching supplies?  It did show the words Busy Bee stitched on it, but I really preferred it without the lettering so I left it off. As usual I was tempted to add my tiny bitty bees to the bag but I resisted the urge..but I did slip a couple of beads in....the center of the 2 flowers on the right.  I just had to add something.  It was killing me.  Once I got that done, Sara handed me 2 more class kits to stitch, but I still wasn't ready for these Betsy Morgan's class pieces, after all...her class is in June.  So I'm back to stash.  Last night I pulled out the Bunny Ruler from Niky's creations.  This was actually from last years stash, but how appropriate for Easter.  It's was a complete kit so I just opened the package and  started.  Since it is stitched on 36 count I wasn't really sure how much I could do in a sitting.  It is over 2 and I was speeding along and realized I could finish it in one sitting...exciting....until I hit a bump in the road.  In all the years I've been stitching on linen and it's been over 25, I've never run into this.  Linen has thin threads and fat learn to deal with it.  But after stitching the rabbit, I began to stitch the border (I don't like stitching the border first in case there is a miscount, so I stitch the border along with the design)...anyway, as I was stitching the area on the right of the rabbit I noticed the stitches didn't line up with the border.  I traced it back to the fat thread which was 2 threads in the border but one fat one in the design.  So I pulled out what I had done, divided the fat thread and restitched.  But as I started the border on the bottom noticed it didn't line up with the middle.  When I traced it back to the fat thread I realized while from the fat thread in the middle it spit into 2 threads going up but that same fat thread split into 3 threads going down from the center.  Damn, there is no way to correct this.  So I just put this down and decided to get a new piece of linen and start again. Now let me add, that this is no one's fault.  Nikys Creations isn't expected to inspect the linen for this.  I've cut plenty of linen in my shop and I've never inspected it for this.  This was just an oddity and I can always get another piece of linen.  So if you have this kid already or look to purchase one, this is not to be expected again in another kit.   But this left me with no project for the rest of the night and I had 2 good hours left to stitch.  Judy Brunclik was in the shop this weekend and she pulled out the "Serenity Harbor Sampler" by Donna, By the Bay Needleart.  I had taken fabric home after Superbowl as I did like it (in fact I loved, loved,  loved it) but at that point I was busy with Patriot Patty so I just put it in one of the bags.  But Judy got the want and need back into my head so last night I pulled it out.  I brought home a Stitchers Half from Lakeside Linen, 36 ct. Light Examplar.    I started the stitch and it was relaxing and such a beautiful stitch .   I know I've just started and there are 11 more parts to this, but in reviewing it, since there wasn't a whole lot to love at this first point, I've decided what thrilled me most was the fact that I didn't have the constant change of color so I didn't spend a whole lot of time threading my needle, and the colors are so beautiful, well it was so enjoyable...I'm going to hate to put it down.  But I've started my rotation thing again, stitching several pieces at one time.  So my rotation will contain, "Bunny Ruler "(with new linen), "Serenity Harbor Sampler", Just Nan's "Strawberry Bunny" and "Bunny Bucket" by Noteworthy Needle.  On the other side of those I've got "Spacious Skies" by Priscilla's Pocket, "Giving Thanks" by Little House Needleworks and "This One's for Betty" a class kit from Betsy Morgan.  So I've really got my work cut out for me.  I've never enjoyed work more. 

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YOU make my heart smile with your lovely stitchings, such unique patterns you have chosen,
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