Monday, March 16, 2015

Honestly, sometimes I know it's time for me to quit!

I started this blog the week we got back from Nashville and have had to revise it 3 times because I don't post it.  So, some of this is old, some is newer and it's posting whether it makes sense or not!  We are almost finished getting Nashville Market items out on display,'s almost over whelming.  And the snow that happened last Thursday didn't help.  But Friday was a new day and the sun came out, temperatures went up and Sara was in the shop.  Meanwhile, Crystal and Cynthia were suppose to start their retreat on Thursday but since New Jersey had several inches of snow as well, they ventured down on Friday instead.  But we had a wonderful time with them over the weekend, lots of laughs, major decisions regarding fabric, and threads were made and we were sorry to wave good bye to them on Sunday.  But Stacy stopped by as well as Candi and Linda and a few of our regular retreaters stopped by so we were not alone.  It's always so great seeing everyone.  Makes our day go faster and we never get tired of talking stitching.  Crystal is about to retire and begin a new business based on her collection of antique samplers she's been collecting.  She has over 300 I think she told me last year, and she's been busy getting the history of each one and is now going to reproduce them and offer them to everyone.  I'll keep you posted on her progress, but we're so excited for her.  Samplers are so popular we know she'll do well.  As we progress through the stock we brought home there are a few things I wanted to show you.  One of them was the Erica Michael's chart, "Good Every Day."  Some will remember this as part of the Petite Series done on 40ct. gauze which some found too intimidating.  Good news stitchers....Linda is now "redoing" the designs and showing them for 28 or 32 ct. linen to make it a little easier for those who love the design but can't face 40 ct.  What I love is she's also finishing them differently than the 40 ct. pieces which are all framed.  "Good Every Day" she's made into a tool case...which you can see opened in the 2nd photo.  So if you like this take a look at the rest of her "redo" pieces and see if one of them isn't for you.  It's been hard for me to get everything in the computer because as I'm putting it in I'm also stopping to look at each piece carefully to see if I want to take one home.  Needless to say my stash has grown by leaps and bounds over the last week.  I did get a couple of finishes under my belt.  I think I told you before Nashville I finished Lizzie Kate's "A Little Luck" which I will show you as soon as it's framed.  But yesterday I finished the Maryland Flag pillow to match my Maryland Crab Pillow which I did for Michael for Christmas.  Again I stitched it on 18 ct. linen so I got a nice size pillow.  Have to finish it though so I'm not going to show it until it's made into a pillow.  But just wanted to let you know I'm working.  Yesterday the girls and I were asked to go to the Hotel Motel Restaurant Association to introduce their guest speaker, Anthony from Hotel Impossible.  It was great seeing him again and a lot less stressful than it was when he was at the hotel 2 years ago.  It's so funny that people are still commenting on our episode of the show.  Even in Nashville this year I still had people ask about it.  And naturally when I'm in the shop I hear about it constantly.  But that's O.K., because it shows the concern that many people had for us and who doesn't like to know people care?  We are slowly getting back into our routines....homeschooling, etc.  It's so hard to get back into it after having several days off for not only me, but Michael.  Thankfully he worked on his own while I was at market and so we've moved ahead regardless of my absence.  Now it's a race to get everything in before June 1st...which is when I'm hoping we're done.  Actually I'm shooting for Memorial weekend, but who knows.  With just one child it's easy to go faster.  And finally....spring is right around the corner.  I feel safe saying that since we've had temps in the 50 degree range or high 40's for the last 4 days and as far as I can tell for the next 10 days.  I know we are all thrilled to think the snow and winter are over.....thank God!!!  While it hasn't been as brutal for us in Ocean City as it's been for New England, to get snow week after week here is exhausting for us.  They called off school last Thursday (now  that was 2 weeks ago)  and it didn't even start to snow until 3:00 p.m.  In fact for 3 weeks in a row the kids had off from school at least 2 if not 3 days per week because of the snow.  All except Michael of course, he is only 2 blocks away which he can walk, or in one case ride his ATV down.  That got a little iffy as the street camera caught him which ended his time riding the boardwalk and the street.  But he had a great time until that happened, so it was all good.  And today it's in the 60's, and while my car says in the 50's, well it feels like 60 with the warm temp and the sun beating down on me...mercy it's been a long time.  I feel spring, I swear I do.  Unfortunately, Saturday was not so spring like since it was pouring down cats and dogs.  They cancelled the St. Patrick's day parade, oh what a just made the partiers go to the bars early...I'm not pointing fingers are you Stacy Stinson, but you did show up on facebook.  Hope you had fun, you sure looked like you were.  Anyway, I've got to get some school work done before tomorrow and I wanted to post this blog before Memorial Weekend (which is where it was headed if I didn't.)  Have a great week..enjoy the sun,  or at least the warmer temperature.

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Greg Maccord said...

I think this is the third time I've tried this....

Stacy doesn't need a holiday to enjoy life. I've said it before....She's the only person I know that walks into a bar the band stops playing to announce her arrival.