Saturday, April 4, 2015

Have a wonderful Easter...!!!!

I'm going to say it now since I don't think I'll be blogging tomorrow, so I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.  I know I am going to .  Sara has invited everyone to her house for dinner so we will all be together.  While it's sunny here, the wind is really blowing, so it's bringing the cooler air off the ocean, so it's not as warm as yesterday, but warmer than it was 2 weeks ago so that's a good thing.  I wanted to show you my 2 models for the week.  Just Nan's "Strawberry Bunny" which I think is so cute.  It's really a one night stitch and the finishing wasn't too bad either, although I still have to put her whiskers on, I forgot them in my haste for a finish.  The second finish is the Noteworthy Needle "Bunny Bucket," which was also an easy one night stitch.  The finishing was a little harder because you are dealing with a curved piece and because I was looking for finishing supplies I never found....but at least I know what we need to order.  I also, for some reason, did not leave enough fabric on the ends to make a good finish, but managed to find a way around it.  I thought I followed their finishing directions but apparently I missed something.  I did use the pom pom trim we carry which I've been dying to use.  It was easy to attach and gives it a fine looking finish...mission accomplished...2 finishes for the week.  I love it when a plan comes together.  So far it's been an easy day.  People are breezing in and out, no rush or hurry, so I think I'll now pull out my stitching and get busy on my class kits.  I left Serenity Harbor home so I wouldn't be tempted.  .

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