Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring has finally sprung! Temps are balmy and paradise is welcoming a new season!

A little late, but here's Sara in her Easter cute!  And she kept those ears on all day, God love her.  I, of course, forgot mine at home (didn't remember I even had them...let's blame it on age.)  The second picture is sections 1,2,3 of my latest obsession...Serenity Harbor.  I can't wait as this week I start the inside design...what fun will that be?  Again, the clouds and now the birds flying don't show up well here, but in person they do show up.  But that peek of the tree shows some of what is to come...exciting!  And if I'm able to do section 4 this week I will have caught up.  I love catching up because I don't do it often, especially when I'm in pre-stitching hell, which is where I am right now.  I worked several days on my Betsy Morgan piece and it is a slow go because for some reason I keep making counting errors and have to rip...ugh!  I have the pre-stitch done and 3 extra pieces are now complete, but oh, my I've never had such a struggle...oh, unless you count my Welsh Cottage...perhaps this is normal for me, now that I think about it.  Anyway, I've allowed myself a month for each Betsy Morgan class kit....I'm now working on this one during the week at times as well to meet that goal, which means I didn't get 2 shop pieces done this week.  I had to finish a piece for the Delaware Sampler Guild retreat, but I can't show that until the retreat takes place.  So I'm afraid this is it for the week.  Came to work this morning in such moderate temperatures I swear I could have come in short sleeves.  But since I'm not sure it will stay this way all day, I came in my turtleneck just in case.  But the boardwalk is humming with activity.  Elaine is here getting inventory ready to open the downstairs stores and by this time next week we are open 7 days a week.  Summer can't be far away.    Renee and Pat will both be back on the schedule and I will see a day off again.  Whoppee!!! Of course next weekend is our first class for the year with Sherri Jones coming.  My Patriot Patty will finally be completed (at least I pray it is so), and one more beautiful object for my stitching room.  I love playing with my beautiful gifts and finishes.  I used to love to play with my dolls and doll houses filled with furniture when I was a little girl (before tech came to be), and this is a grown up's version.  I open the boxes, and rearrange the smalls inside.  I marvel at the splendor created with just some fabric, needle and thread.  Treasures, is what they are.  Many of them are gifts given  to me by stitchers which I treasure most of all, but there are some done with my own hands which makes me feel I've accomplished something wonderful.  I know that when my time has come,  I am leaving behind something that will be treasured by others for I have a daughter who is a stitcher as well. The thought of my stash just brings a smile to her face because she knows what is there and she can't wait to get her hands on it.  I'm O.K. knowing this because I would be the same way and at least I know someone will love my stash as much as I've loved it.  And with that I'll say good day.  Have a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to you soon.  And I'll see some of you this week as everyone works their way here for Sherri Jones' classes. 

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