Tuesday, August 5, 2014

   Front of the traveling Quaker Sewing completed....and I've also got the inside piece nun stitched and last night I even started the scissor fob.  However...oh, yes, there is a however....I stitched the fob over 2 in my excitement over getting this done and this morning read that it should have been over one.   The worst part of this is.....I had the discussion about over one or over two with myself before I started it.  Perhaps reading all pages of the directions would have clarified this for me.  I'm debating today whether or not to rip it out (why not...I've ripped out something on everything I'm working on.)  Anyway, I decided to let it sit and went back to the Welsh Cottage and I'm thrilled with the progress I've made.  Today I will be finishing the tree and then the front wall, back wall, and both parts of the roof will be completed.  One wall is 1/2 done and then I just have to do the chimney and the other wall...and boom...Welsh Cottage will be done.  However....yes, once again....the one wall has proven to be a problem so hopefully I will have gained some inspiration, wisdom or just the guts to get it done.  I can't wait.  So now I've got one project with a days work left, one project with a week's work left.  Of course I have  many projects in the works but seeing some of them getting close to the end....it's exciting.  Today I'm taking a break from stitching...well, a detour of stitching spots actually.  Solomon, our 6 year old blackbelt, has now gone back to skateboarding with the same kind of enthusiasm as he  had for karate.  He wants to live at the skate park which is difficult as it's summer and everyone is working long hours, except for me.  So I'm picking him up at 10 and we're heading to the skatepark until 8:30 tonight.   I know he won't leave until then as I've taken him before and he was the last man standing and we didn't leave until the skate park was closing even though he was alone.   So that's what I'm doing today.  My biggest problem here is not that I'll have to be there all day as much as bladder control.  Honestly, Mary says I don't want to even think of using the bathroom there so now I really have a problem.  But somehow I'm going to overcome this hurdle, I've got my stitching with me, a book with  me and I'm leaving my sanity at home.  I'll be praying a lot I'm sure but I'm determined to make this work for my Solomon. I have to say that I think for a 6 year old he's amazing out there.  He watches the older boys and when they are watching him he trying to copy them and manages to do quite well.  He is getting bolder and bolder and his skills are improving each time we go.  He's the youngest one there, but before long he will certainly eclipse some of the other younger boys I'm sure.  If I had his determination, well I have no idea what I'd be, but I doubt I'd be sitting on the sofa stitching (ooh, that's not a good thing!)  We had what is becoming a "thing" on Sunday.  Mary's babysitter called in sick, so I got the call for help.  Sara informed me when the new schedule was ready that I had only one day of work, Monday, so I came into the watch the kids.  While sitting there the front desk receptionist came in and said, "Pat said she's alright right now, but she's alone in the shop."  Fortunately Sara and Mary were with me at the time so I looked at Sara and she said, tell her I'm coming right now.  I said, "who is suppose to be working...since it's either Judy, Sara or myself."  Sara said, "Oh, I forgot, I guess you were on the schedule, but don't worry I'll take the shift."  I reminded her that she told me I only worked on Monday.....and I couldn't now as I had the boys.  Sara apparently forgot she changed the schedule. (I think they are trying to gaslight me).  So then I look at the schedule and I'm not on Monday at all.  Renee needed Wednesday off and Sara had asked if I could work her Wednesday so I knew I was on for that.  So I asked Sara what happened to my Monday and she informed me that Judy couldn't work on one of her days but could take the Monday....so confusing for me, and apparently Sara.  Anyway,  I watched the boys til 3:30 and then worked the shop until 8:30 so Sara could have a few hours off.  But at 8:30  Sara came down and took over.  Long day....for me...I came home and fell asleep.  God only knows what I'll do today after 10 hours at a skate park.  Of course I can always sleep in the car while I'm waiting....with my luck I'll get arrested if I do that for sleeping in a car which is illegal here.  Anyway, hope your day is filled with fun activities and stitching.  Talk to you soon.

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