Sunday, August 10, 2014

Excitement mounts as I close in on the finish.  I finally decided to just get it done and so I worked on the redesign on the Shepherds Fold and moved the skeps and added the fence to match the other side and I'm thrilled with it.  Of course I still have to come up with something that will fill the void on the right side over the fence, but that's a minor point at this point.  Now I have to do my lettering and the final elements and this could be done today....yeah!!!!!  Finally !  Now all I have to do is the fob and I've caught up on this one project.  I worked on the final pieces of the Traveling Quaker Roll and for some reason as I was Nun Stitching the needlebook I never held it up to look at it and when I got done on one side I realized I was off, so....another rip out.  Honestly, it's almost laughable, if it wasn't over 1 on 40 ct.  But I spent a couple of hours putting it in and then 1/2 hr tearing it out and then of course, the time it took to restitch it correctly.  Brother, it's exhausting.  Sara called me last night to ask questions about the spring clamp clothes pins I showed the other day on the blog.  Apparently we had a few people contact the shop about these.  We do not carry them, they were a gift to me from Carol Wentzel, however, I have researched the clamps (of course I threw the packaging away or this would have been a lot easier) and found them on Amazon.  If you google "Spring Clamp Clothes pin " it will bring up several items.. you are looking for Amico's 8 pcs. plastic Assorted Colors Clothespins Clothes Pegs Clips.  But I also saw the ones right under it, Angle Simple Stainless Steel Clothes pins that also look promising.   Before I purchased either one I would check anyone who sells clothes pins though because they might be in a store right in your own home town.  But if, like me, it's about instant gratification....just order one of these.  Last night I had the absolute worst  catastrophe (at least for me).  I turned on my magnifier lamp and it flickered, which I ignored, stitched for a couple of minutes when it flickered again, oh, no....and then it went off.  Crap!  Luckily I had a Dazor table lamp in the stitching room so I set it up next to my stitching chair (also known as my sofa) in the living room and I was back in business.    Now I have to remember to bring another floor lamp home from the shop.  I love a floor lamp.  The one I had was on borrowed time and I knew it.  The switch broke last year and I've been turning it on and off  by the power cord...what a pain since my phone plugs in there as well and I never remembered that when the cord was turned off my phone was not charging.  You would think after one time I'd remember that....but no....this was a lesson I had to learn repeatedly.  I'm blaming it on age.  Anyway, I'm back to stitching.  Having a great time and I hope it never ends.  I do have a question though, if people don't stitch what do they do with all that free time?  Talk to you soon.


Lynn said...

Carol bought the clothes pins at Dollar Tree. Evalyn went to one near her and found them.

Debbie Brotzman said...

I use Soft Touch clothes pins. They have them on Amazon, but I think my husband found these pretty light blue one at the dollar store. I use the to hold excess fabric and to hold smalls together when I'm first starting to sew them. They're great.