Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Loving the new mystery sampler.....fun stitch!

Love the new SamSarah Designs "Something Wicked" mystery sampler.  At first I wasn't sure I would be stitching this one, but when I saw the line drawing, I was hooked.  It was the harvest moon that did it for me, and I simply couldn't wait to start this piece so while I should have been putting the finishing stitches on my many projects in the works I threw all caution to the wind and just thought I'd put a few stitches in but in the end, I couldn't stop stitching it, so   last week I finished the first chart and am now waiting to receive the next section.  I have never been so thrilled with an overdye as I was with the Honeysuckle used in the moon.  The varigation is perfect and the coloring is what you see in pictures of the moon with gas clouds and what not.  And the way the branches are stitched and then wrapped....perfection.  The branches, when stitched that way, sit on top of the fabric and are rounded as opposed to flat backstitch and are more realistic.  Because of this wrapping I'm now stitching a lot of my backstitches this way.  I'm going to the framers today and because I like to take multiple projects to be framed I quickly stitched Shepherds Bush's "Summer Box" and "Winter Box."  Summer Box has a flag pole on it and I wrapped it as it's perfect.  I never realized how much better things that are round would look with this wrapped backstitch until now.  Give it a try and see what you think.  Anyway, I'm driving myself nuts with all the projects I've got in the works.  I think I told you "Gathering of Sheep" is finished and now on to the construction, which shouldn't be that hard, but oh, this is so not in my wheel house.  I love to stitch but finishing....well it's making me a nervous wreck, but I shall proceed with caution and pray for the best.  To make matters worse, I actually had the nerve to start a new project this morning.  It's Blackberry Lane's "Witches Night Out" and I've taken on the challenge of the large banner.  The good thing is....it uses only black...the bad thing....it's another over one.  And I have to do it over one because I love the banner holder it uses.  The top piece is a witches hat and the bottom part of the holder are the witches feet...so cute.  I really don't even think I'll have this done before Halloween this year, I've decided to just work on it a little bit, hopefully each day, and not stress about getting it done in my usual timeline.  In fact my time line has been shot in the foot this year.  In the past I put a 5 week deadline on any project.  No matter how large, 5 weeks was all I had.  On larger projects that was stressful at times, but I always made it.  Now I've been working or not working,  in some cases just opening the zippered pouch and closing it daily, but some have been sitting here for months.  Of course in the last month I've been on skakepark duty and this past week on Izi detail.  The good news....I finally tried out the DVD player that came in the dashboard of my new car and it works beautifully, unfortunately I kept forgetting the DVD's so I haven't actually used it because... since I figured it out I've been on Izi duty at my house.  Last night was spent putting nerf bullets in 4 guns and letting Izi fire them at the T.V.  When he thankfully got tired of that....I then had to pick most of the bullets up as Izi pointed them out to me.  I figure I can call that my exercise for the day.  Then it was time to settle down and watch Lego movies on his I Pad....and finally at about 8:30 Mary showed up to collect him.  I put in about 20 stitches on one of my projects and was too exhausted to do anything else but watch T.V.  I was disappointed in myself...missed a golden opportunity to stitch except everything is over one...I've got to start an over 2 project for these tired nights.    Love being a grandmother, but it's exhausting.  Talk to you soon


Rachel S-H said...

That is really pretty!

Sally Rutka said...

Thank you Rachel, it was a fun stitch.