Monday, August 11, 2014

A's so exciting when I finish something not only because I've finished, but it means I get to pick something else for the rotation.  But first I did make a couple of changes (surprise, surprise) to "Seaside Summer Alphabet" from Little House Needleworks.  I changed one line ...Ocean City, Md. obviously wasn't part of the original design..."Seaside Summer" were the original words on the chart.  I just wanted to personalize it for our area.  And Ocean City fit right in so why not.  Remember, while the design was can always add or subtract something and make it your own.  And that's exactly what I did.  Love it  Then I looked in my unfinished box and pulled out Drawn Thread's "Give Thanks" and will get it done in time for Thanksgiving.  Not much out there for that particular event, so I'm trying to boost my Thanksgiving pieces.  I like a statement for each holiday which means multiple pieces to represent the holiday.  I love this Drawn Thread piece because the stitches she uses make the finished piece look lacey in places and using different stitches.  There are 18 different stitches used, in addition to cross stitch and she suggests NPI and Dinky Dye silks.  I loved working on this and only put it away earlier when I needed something else stitched first.  Then we got the Sam Sarah Mystery Sampler for Halloween in and I think it's going to be a winner.  Love, love, love the first part of the design.  While I can't post a picture as we don't have one, and I won't post a chart, I have posted the line drawing for the button placement, because I think it gives you a great idea of what we're going to see.  Love the big moon, and it's actually what sold me on this.   I've done a few of these mystery samplers and while I love them, I'm always leary of mystery stitching.  But I'm taking the plunge again and I'll be starting "Something Wicked" soon.  Well, it will enter the rotation soon because Shepherds Bush "The Fold" is on it's final lettering  and the Traveling Quaker Roll is down to my name stitched on so that's 2 more that will be done this week.  Yes, it's a good week for finishing.  I love it when a plan comes together.  We didn't get a lot of new designs in last week, although 2014 Prairie Schooler Santa finally arrived, thankfully since it's been on everyone's list for the last 2 months.  But with the needlework show next week I think the designers are waiting for that to put their new charts in the marketplace.  I've seen a lot of new being shown, just not delivered yet.  So we have great things just a couple of weeks away. 

Things are hectic down here as we gear up for the end of summer.  Kids will be going back to school soon so everyone is trying to get in their final days at the beach so the town is busy, busy, busy.  Betsy Cole and her niece, Sarah, have rented a couple of units at the hotel so they will be here for the week.  Always fun to have regulars here so we can discuss stitching.  I love to see what everyone is working on.  And since we get the "string buyers" in daily, to speak with stitchers who know it's DMC or Threadgathers, or whichever brand is refreshing.  Needless to say we're grateful for every buyer, but it's really nice not to have to explain everything.  The other week I had a visitor in the shop and she and her husband picked up a hand painted canvas, brought it up and started asking questions about what you used to stitch it, etc.  She finally mentioned that she had never stitched anything before which made me say, "while I realize you like the scene on the canvas, it is hand painted and is not what I would suggest for a beginner."  She misunderstood and thought I was telling her she wasn't capable.  But when I corrected her and said she could do it, I just felt that spending $150.00 for a canvas for needlepoint, which in the end she may not enjoy, was not the way to go.  Of course then I had to explain why it costs $150.00 and in the end they walked out without buying anything.  I explained that there was needlepoint that wasn't hand painted at a much lower price point, and then there's counted cross stitch which is really reasonable, but once they saw that canvas that was all they focused of.  That's why I love stitchers.  While they may be horrified at the cost of a tool, canvas, or a kit, they move on and I don't have to explain anything.  And a stitcher can usually find something they need (O.K. perhaps not need but want).  Anyway, if you need me I'll be in the shop this I'll be talking to you.

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