Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wow...it sure is quiet today now that the holiday is over.  There's parking, no noise, less trash...but the pace in the shop is also slower, however, a couple of the New York Ladies are here...that's always a good time.  Pat Ellis and Christine Ghinazzi snuck away without the rest of the group and surprised us by coming earlier than in previous years.  So no crowds but true stitchers...it's a good day.  The first picture is my Sara on her way to walk.  God love her she's got her fit band on and she's doing her thing (she was also bringing me baked ham and deviled eggs...that's always a good thing).  The other picture is Drawn Threads "Autumn Jumble" which I loved stitching and will be taking to the framers tomorrow.  I, of course didn't use the fabric suggested, I stitched on 32ct. Lakeside Magnolia and in place of the Waterlilies fiber I used Gloriana "Topiary" which I have loved every since I saw it and have yet to use it.  The colors were perfect for this piece as it shows the changing colors of the leaves.  This is part of a series of Jumbles, the 4 seasons, Christmas, Easter Eggs, Halloween, and the Jumble of Seasons.  Fun and fast.  Easy to set a goal, one block a night or two but it's addictive.  My initial goal was one block per night, but then I stitched 3 and the next night I stitched 6 and the last was finished the next night.  There are a few specialty stitches but nothing real complicated so it is low stress.  Spring and Summer will be coming into play soon at my house.  Last night I pulled out Shepherd's Fold for the first time in a couple of weeks.  Knowing that the fob has been shipped means I am falling behind so I'm kicking it up and I'm hoping to get it done by Sunday (I pray but with Renee's gift also needed not sure if I can make it.) And of course, there's always the pull of Candy Crush (darn it!)  Well, I finally decided to bring my lunch since we've been buying lunch everyday with the kids out of school and since they are back in school I decided to make my lunch.  Mary gave me a bento box for Christmas and I've been wanting to use it so today became the day.  I put some baked ham (from Sara) in there and some cut up strawberries with a slice of pound cake.  I just opened the box when a customer came in and I stuck it under the counter only to have it slide off and onto the floor upside down...so much for bringing my lunch.  I've got to go clean up...talk to you later.

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