Monday, May 12, 2014

New models

Is this not the cutest thing?  We all loved the SamSarah Designs, "Fish Stix" which was published last year and none of us more so than Renee.  She stitched one of the fish on needlepoint canvas and got an old fish reel from Greenie (her husband) and used some grasses, etc. to set the scene and added the fish by putting it on a cute and such a unique finish.  It's sitting in the front showcase so when you stop by take a look...cuter in person.  The second piece is the  "Bee Keeper" by Plum Street.  I am not a big lover of primitive but I loved this piece.  The bee skep is a little lacey in appearance and was a joy to stitch.  I had a few issues with the colors used for the beekeeper herself because they all were the same tone of gray....of course I could have changed a color but I was invested in them and so used them.  But I loved the piece overall and loved the frame so it is a win win for me.    I'm almost in a stall pattern in my stitching.  I am working on too many pieces at once so I don't feel like I'm getting anything done.  I've got the 2 small pre-stitches for the Betsy Morgan class....not done with either one of them which is unusual because normally I finish those in a few hours...don't know what my problem is but apparently I've got one.  Then the Shepherd's Fold is still in the infant stages of stitching as I haven't worked on it all week.  The Welsh Cottage I was finished until I realized the corner stones were off 2 threads so I've had to rework it for the 3rd time so I just put it away until tonight and then I should be done with the back wall.  Horray!!!!   Then I've got something I started last year after Nashville and never put together.  Since it's Sara's birthday Monday I thought that it might motivate me if I made it one of her gifts.  Well, it's motivated me alright.  The finish has not gone well but again I'm perservering and I've finished 2 pieces and almost finished a 3rd one this morning but I still have 1 more piece left after that and the box it goes in.  It will be a tight finish but I think I can do it.  At this point I just need to finish something.  It's been a week since I finished my last project....too long.  Tuesday after dropping off my stitching at the Gallery for framing, I went birthday shopping for Sara and while on the North side of Salisbury stopped by the Verizon store.  I still had a flip phone and while I didn't mind being out of date, I did mind having to ask Sara to keep taking pictures with her phone (the 2 you see here) and then posting them to the I did the unthinkable.  I went in and purchased an IPhone.  Good Golly, I waited 45 minutes to get waited on and then of course they go into the differences in the phone.  I finally told the guy I didn't know what the hell he was talking about a 5C or a 5S...what the hell?  So then of course I had to hear what the difference was on those and then the Mother's  Day specials,  honestly....for a moment I wanted to just leave with my flip phone and call the whole day off.  My ears were bleeding....I kept thinking, "this is an hour I'll never get back."  But again, it's a new day and a new me and I stayed and walked out with a new phone among several other items (this salesman saw me coming..though I did bulk at the speakers for the Iphone since I wasn't using it for music I did think that was taking the "new me" in the wrong direction.   So, in the past 2 months I've gotten a 2014 Grand Caravan (my 13 year old car just couldn't make it another mile Vernon was too embarrassed to take it back over to the man who serviced it) and a new phone.  This could account for the weather patterns we seeing, I do believe hell is now going to freeze over.  I am still an idiot with the phone.   I hung up on Sara so much Friday night she came to the house to see what was the problem...(a 65 year old idiot was the problem).  She explained a little about using the phone but at some point my eyes just glazed over and she knew it was pointless to go on.  Next I think it's time for an eye exam (my last one was 2 years ago and I haven't gone for new glasses in about 4 years).   But that is going to end upgrades for the year.  I've had it.  Have a great day. 

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