Friday, May 23, 2014

Stitch 'n Bitch was Tuesday (night over a week ago now) and there were just a small grouping of us huddled together in the hotel lobby.  Jennifer brought in her Sherri Jones "Tulip Tray" completely finished...kudos to Jennifer.  Wouldn't you think I'd take a picture of that?  I can't seem to get in the picture taking's all too new for me.  I'm still hacking like a smoker, can't seem to completely kick this darn cold.  It doesn't help to have temperatures that go up and down like they are now.  Once I turned off the heat I refuse to turn it back on so at night I ignore the 45 degree weather and sit with windows open and under a quilt.  Perhaps that's why I still have a cold.  You think?  Before I go any further, I feel I have to mention the fact that I do put things on the web site that I've stitched but we do not carry because I think seeing finished items inspires everyone to keep at it.  I will also happily tell you where I purchased whatever I working on.  For instance, I've had several people ask about the "Strawberry House" pin cushion I showed a few blogs ago.  I mentioned at the time that it was part of the Ladies Prim Society Club, which was the wrong club, it's from the same web site but it's the other club, "2014 Colonial Gathering Club",  which you can sign up for at Dyeing to Stitch's web site.  You will get a new kit every 8-10 weeks and there is a one year commitment.  I apologize if this confused anyone and perhaps I shouldn't put pieces on the blog that we don't sell in our store since it is a shop blog, but I love to see what other's are stitching and love to show off what I'm doing.  Having said that, I feel like I've gotten nothing done in a long time.  I have finally finished both of the  pre-stitches for the Betsy Morgan weekend but other than that I'm still working on the Welsh cottage and Shepherd's Fold and the worse news for me is that the second part of the Shepherd's Fold is being shipped in the next couple of weeks...EEK...I need to get on this.  And I saw the Summer Jumble being stitched on a web site and so I've ordered that for the shop (and me) and in the meantime I've pulled the Autumn Jumble and started working on that Wednesday and thought I'd just stitch one block a day and keep working on the other unfinished pieces.  Well, as with all my plans...something went terribly wrong.  I fell in love with the stitch and can't put it down.  I have just  4 more blocks to stitch and it will be done.  Since I loved this so much I'm thinking I'll also stitch Spring Jumble while I'm waiting to get Summer Jumble....and then there's the Halloween Jumble..oh, my when will it end  (help me for God's sake I can't seem to stop myself...I'm a needlework junkie).  Perhaps I'm not a needlework junkie but a hoarder...that's it I'm a needlework hoarder.  Which is proven everyday I take more stuff home with me when I've already got so much started, not started, or half done at home.  And it's not only in my stitching room (remember I took over the largest room the master bedroom and turned it into a stitching "studio"), but in one of the guest bedroom (where I have a ironing board set up and leave finished projects there waiting for completion) and of course in the living room where there are 3 bags stuffed with projects to be worked on.  Good luck to Sara who will have to go through everything when I'm gone.  But she's going to find some wonderful treats there I will say that.  She's almost as bad a I am although this past weekend she started setting up a stitching area and to do that she went through the closet, pulled out all the bags and went through them (and found stuff she didn't even remember buying).  Unfortunately when she told me she was throwing out one thing I said, "will you please bring me that and I'll finish it for you."  She said yes, but I have a feeling she's going to hope I forget and get rid of it anyway.  (she takes it down to the church for their opportunity shop).  Even when we are cleaning out we don't throw away.  Anyway, I'm still here and still stitching, just not on the pieces I should be stitching.  Have you seen the doll pincushion by GPA on the cover of Antique Sampler and Needlework Magazine...oh, my..another item for my to do pile.  I've actually stitched 2 of these pin cushions dolls as gifts for Renee.  I love stitching them and seeing them come alive and after my initial block on instructions, when the fog lifted it really was simple to finish.  I shall start assembling the needs for finishing and stitching it now.  Talk to you soon.

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