Monday, June 2, 2014

Another beautiful day in Paradise.....the sun is shining, the beach is rocking with  high school seniors (ugh)...we all know I hate these senior weeks when drinking, peeing, throwing up seem to be all they do on our property and they aren't even staying with us.  So Paradise perhaps is a little tarnished for the next few weeks, but it's still sunny with cooler temperatures, which I love, but it's going up every day so my feet will be swelling at any time.  Our ladies start arriving tomorrow for the Betsy Morgan weekend.  We have a few newbies so we're excited, plus it brings Paola back again and we love Paola.  Can't wait to see her show and tell which is always extraordinary.  She never ceases to amaze me.  And Stasi Buhrman will be here along with Debbie Liming...oh, my a lot of our regulars returning for a weekend of stitching, laughing, a little cursing and a lot of stitching.  Speaking of which, these 2 Shepherd's Bush pieces followed me home from the framers.  You know I love Shepherd's Bush.  In fact I'm working on Shepherd's Fold as we speak and Sara handed me the 2nd piece, a scissor fob which will probably get done before I get the Box piece done because....I ran out of Olive Branch, knew we had it in the store so grabbed it and started using it kidding myself that with overdyes you can make it look alright if they are a shade different.  As I was using it and noticing differences, I then told myself it looked like some of the yard was in the shade but by today I'm saying...I need to redo all the light colored fiber and just use what I have in the that's going to take a while and put me further behind....but what the heck can you do?  Rats...and then I'm doing a piece for Renee's birthday and I swear there is a mistake on the chart where the designer forgot one section and repeated one section so the entire alphabet isn't there and one section is a repeat of the first section.  I'm having no fun stitching this piece as well....darn it, I want to stitch something I want to stitch in the worst way.  I'm thinking of stitching the Shepherds Bush fob just so I can have a fun fast finish.  I just can't figure out whether to stitch it over one, which I prefer, or go ahead and stitch it as they planned it.  Decisions are going to do me in!  Sitting here looking out on the boardwalk is yet once again, a huge mistake.  I cannot believe what some of these girls are wearing.  There certainly is no shame in their game...and yet, there should be.  Taste certainly does not come into play.  I did have an Asian family in earlier, and of course everyone was dressed beachy, but nice and the daughter was elegant in her straw hat and lovely black dress until she turned around and there was a keyhole back and there was her bra back.  Honestly, her mother should have told her seeing the bra through the keyhole was not the intent of the keyhole.  But as long as you saw her front the front she looked lovely.  Anyway, we're hanging out, eating Thrashers French fries, eating Alaska Stand burgers and dogs and waiting for you to come in.  So come on down and take a look at what's new. 

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