Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer is moving forward at a fast and furious pace....

Just had to show you the two needlepoint canvases we got in cute.  I love it when they put Ocean City on them...makes a great remembrance of your vacation, don't you think?  The other picture is my first watch fob stitching.  These come from Brenda Gervais and I love love love them.  The stitching is done over 2 on 40 ct. Confederate Gray (Weeks Dye Works).  I had no trouble stitching these...wasn't really that much to it.  My trouble came when I had to add the words.  But I finally mastered that and was thrilled with the end result.  Of course now I'm finding other designs that will fit.  This is my new passion apparently.  I'll keep you posted on my newest one, but I can't say much because it's going to be a birthday gift.  Today we got the July Just Cross Stitch which has the Christmas preview in it.  So now we can start stitching for Christmas.  OMG...I'm so far behind.  Today I had a reminder on my phone(Sara showed me how to do this on my new iPhone) about you may recall I missed work last Monday...I sat home all day when I was suppose to work 10-4.  So today I was quite proud of myself when I strolled into work at 9:00 a.m.  Sara asked what I was doing there and I proudly announced that I remembered I was suppose work today and then she said, "Mom, your shift is 4-10 not 10-4.  Whew....I'm having a harder time than I thought keeping up with this work thing.  Luckily I have 2 days off to think about this.  But this time I double checked...Thursday 10-4.  (It's just too much to have to remember. )  I've started updating the shop web site...that way I can still work from home.  When I had the web person update the software last winter it screwed things up a bit (which I didn't realize initially)and I'm slowly finding all the problems and that means manual corrections on my part.  UGH!  So if you go into the Just Arrived section   of the web site you will be seeing some things that aren't new and that is because they were dropped off the catalog during the update.  I found this out when I searched "Shepherds Bush" on our site and found just 3 items.  I about lost my mind.  But I'm spending my time at home working on getting everything put back on the site.  I seem to go 3 feet forward and 2 back.  But at least with some hard work and diligence I can get everything back.  Anyway, wanted to get a post up so I'll say good night (it's almost 2:00 wonder I'm always tired).

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