Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Night and all is well..(actually this was from 2 weeks ago and never posted...sorry)...............

I don't really even have any complaints as the town is emptying out with families having to get their children back in school. Today was a quiet day with just Greg, Molly Linksz (Justin apparently didn't want to take on the Stitch 'n Bitch group and stayed home) and Carol Boemmel here to stitch...well, here to stitch was probably not the correct term. As usual I didn't even take anything out of my tote, oh, wait I believe I did take it out but never touched it again except to put it back in the tote so the French Fry grease didn't get on it. Carol showed us her new mesh bags which while costly were wonderful and, of course, I'm going to look into getting them in Salty Yarns and Molly, bless her heart, actually took out her stitching and stitched regardless of what the rest of us were doing. The only thing Greg took out was the Biscotti he picked up at the store. We had a great time until 4:00 when I had to get to work in the another Sunday and another Stitch 'n times, fun times. This week we had a mini retreat with Staci Buhrman, Debbie and our Phyllis just out of surgery in July, who's coming to get some healing from the sun, sand and surf...O.K, perhaps sun, Alaska Stand hamburgers and Thrashers French Fries is more theraputic...we'll pretend it's sun and surf. We're excited to get back to our mini retreats...because Sara and I always act like we're part of the group....well, perhaps it's more I act like I am as opposed to Sara. Poor Sara has had a tough summer...last week she found a newly hired employee sleeping in one of the rooms she was suppose to be cleaning, along with the girl that had been here all summer and was training the new girl. If you wanted to hear a rant you should have heard her. She was firing people right and left...I hid under my desk hoping the storm would pass, but I don't think she's gotten over it yet. Tough time of year...too much family, too much work, not enough sleep, children bored and whining...yes, Sara needs a vacation and we still have over a month to go. But I do have to gets easier now that we're slowing down, even if we don't have enough employees...we just close the shops earlier. I've been saying our closing time was 9:30 p.m. all summer anyway...I don't mind moving the time to 4:00 p.m. But I think my girls are staying on after Labor Day...who knows. Connie had Lana (one of our foreign girls) cleaning the floors yesterday and cleaning the racks...I hadn't a clue what the hell she was doing but seeing her do anything was such a pleasant change I didn't even question it. The other girl, who I happen to like almost as my Maggie (who left last week), saw me "balling" a skein of yarn for a customer who had purchased 3 skeins just as the shift changed (damn it) so Pat had done 1 skein, I was balling the 2nd one when Daniela came in and said, "Oh, I use to help my grandmother do that when I was young" which I said, "Oh, how you take the ball, finish balling this skein and then do the next one" and I took off. I returned when she had all the work done...yes, I love having others do my work. Good times...Good times! I do have one thing I'd like to say again, as I say it every summer. Ladies, a one piece bathing suit is often more beautiful on.... than seeing someone, old or young doesn't matter, wearing a 2 piece suit with their muffin tops, and jiggling stomachs. Today I saw at least 3 young girls who had stomach issues, which they apparently weren't aware of or were ignoring. Wear those bikinis in the backyard ladies...but out in public, put on a suit which will be attractive and now show the problem areas...and perhaps you need to be brutally honest with yourselves when looking at your reflection. No one wants to see your jiggling bits and pieces!

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