Thursday, August 19, 2010

Still hot and humid.....however, read to the end for my latest rant!

and the misery goes on and on and on....but today I got a surprise visit from Molly Linksz and her son Justin as well as Trudy Edwards...yes, a good day and they helped buoy my spirits a tad. I do believe I I did last week when Sandy Grigon and Joan DeLong paid me a visit. It's always nice to see a friendly face, because as you well know even though this is a friendly shop...some people just have to be grumpy when they are here....usually husbands who are sick and tired of waiting for their wife. We don't run into that a lot here because we have the rockers out front and the men can rock and watch the girls in bikini's during the day ... to say nothing of the ocean...and at night it's a parade that is well worth the look...oh, my people....I'm pretty sure that when people designed some of these clothes they were either high on weed or were doing it as a joke. At this point, it's only 8:00 p.m., I'm just trying to keep my eyes open, considering the fact that I've done little all day, I can't figure out why I'm so tired, but I definitely am. Well Debbie Brotzman just stopped in and kept me awake for a few minutes but now she's gone so I'm depending on customers to wake me up if I do fall asleep....embarrassingly's happened before. I got busy last night, Debbie came back and had to watch Salty Yarns while I had to work in Sea Trader since the girl in Sea Trader took a break, 30 minutes before closing...go figure! Anyway, today I decided to make my pilgrimage to Walmart, stopping by the post office to send mail orders on their way. One had to be weighed by the post office and the others were to go directly into the mailbox. I was so focused on getting the one order weighed by them and shipped off, and getting the mail I forgot to stick the others in the box....oops and didn't notice I still had them (I was carrying them in the mail bag which is open so you can see them...I don't know ...I was having a serious senior moment.) Anyway, I get across the bridge with traffic like you couldn't believe, when I noticed the packages...damn it all. Anyway, I continue to Walmart where I was able to get my goodies and checked out and then wheeled my checked out cart to the subway inside our Walmart. I parked by a table with 2 young girls approx. 13 eating their lunch and got in line, but made sure I kept my eye on the cart since I had already paid for everything. I was behind (and here is my rant subject) a grandfather or father who was friggin clueless. The little boy, Justin who was sucking on a pink pacifier, was probably close to 4 since he was speaking in sentences. Anyway, he was whining which is normal when you are standing in a line, hell if anyone had been with me I'd have been whining, however, the 2 boys behind the counter were working as fast as they could...they really needed 3 people behind the counter, however, that's beside the point. Anyway, the man tells the boy louder than he should have..."Well they're just slow" which I thought was inappropriate because they were moving as quickly as they could, but I wasn't going to say anything because frankly, I didn't give a damn! Anyway, after about 5 more minutes it's the man's turn to order and guess what...he was now he's leaning over asking Justin what he wants and he was clueless so everything he asked the kid if he wanted Justin would yell..."I don't like that." I'm beginning to see why the line isn't moving well...and the poor kid behind the counter is looking at me like "what the hell am I supposed to do." I just smiled and shrugged and hoped someone would clue this man in .... and he finally orders a half of a turkey sub on wheat and the process starts to move on. It was now my turn and I start to spout my order when a woman comes out of nowhere and announces that Justin will only eat Turkey, mayo, lettuce and tomato which Justin had clearly shouted he wouldn't eat. Then she starts about the sub roll which apparently Justin wouldn't eat either and asked for a small child's roll (evidently these people had never been to a Subway)...anyway, she tells the kid behind the counter to take apart the sandwich he had done and put it on a wrap...and then she makes the mistake of moving away from the counter. Of course the kid ignored her and just shoved the sub down the counter for it's next stop. He looked at me, I smiled and gave a silent "good for you" and I moved on. But we weren't out of the part yet, because we had to get Justin, his brother who appeared out of nowhere and the man their drinks, chips and whatever. The brother took a drink off someone else's tray and had to be reined in and it was a mind boggling mess but we finally thought we got rid of the people and but the kids behind the counter were so baffled things didn't go well for the rest of us. I walked away and felt I should check my order and found one of my subs never made it into the bag so I go back to the register to find the woman behind me taking it out of her bag to give back to them since she had ordered a whole sub...then I look over to see one of the 13 year old kids walking away with my shopping cart with everything paid for. So I was busy trying to get the 3rd sub while yelling at the 13 year old. Then the man comes back up because he wanted a soft pretzel...I grabbed my cart, my subs and I was just not a good day at Walmart. I'm waiting for the 5:00 news to see if an oriental kid from Subway jumped a counter and beat a man with 2 boys to an inch of his life....I will be applauding! I then stopped at the post office, sent off the mail order and arrived home for a wonderful lunch of a ham sub, only to find that he had put turkey on it....So much for my wonderful ham sub! O.K., if you are sending your husband, boyfriend, the gardner, grandfather, boy scout or whoever to fetch lunch for your child...for God's sake write down what the kid eats, don't stand at a counter and make everyone wait while you try to get out of a 3 or 4 year old what they will eat. Also if you're in line, don't wait until you get to the front to decide to discuss lunch with a child. Start as soon as you get in are the reason the line isn't moving. You are the reason the rest of us wish we had brought a gun to Walmart. You're the adult for God's sake, take charge. There are people behind you waiting and frankly, we don't give a damn about you or your kid! It's just rude....and some of us have someplace to be! So be prepared or stay home and eat in your own kitchen, or be ready when you reach the head of the line. It's ridiculous!
And with that I'm going to eat some M & M's which I purchased at Walmart as a special treat when things aren't going well! Have a great day and be prepared to meet idiots along the way.

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