Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Asshole is born every day ....

and the one born approximately 60 years ago just came into the store. He picks what he wants to purchase and this is where he became an asshole. He hands me $50 on a $36.04 bill and then says, "Oh, I don't want 96 cents in change...I hate change" and then he stares at me huffing, and I mean huffing. I looked at him because obviously he was use to the pennies left in 7/11's for those who don't like change...but my feeling is why should someone else pick up your I don't have a penny cup here. I have never taken change from one of those cups and never will. If I owe it I pay it. So believe me he wasn't going to get out of it no matter how much he puffed...and huffed. Then he says, "If I give you a dollar will that make a difference." So I then said, "Sir, you are going to get 96 cents back no matter how many dollars you hand me." He was shocked at this and couldn't figure out if I was telling the truth. Then he says, "Well I might just go get 4 cents and come back." So I said O.K. and just stared back at him. He could see he wasn't going to win, so he huffed and puffed and kept repeating endlessly...I don't like change, I don't like to carry change. As I went to hand it to him he said, "Put it in the bag because I don't want it in my pocket." Then his wife finds something she wants...the perfect opportunity for him to get rid of 17 cents of his change and he just ignores it and lets me charge her $50.17. Apparently he got use to his 96 cents and didn't want to give up .17 cents. Asshole! Anyway, other than that...we're busy today since it finally rained during the day. We've had some great stitchers in and met Sally from Canada and she was a hoot!'s 9:00 and Sara told me it's starting to rain again...oh, my, I might actually get out of here early...snowday, snowday...O.K., one hour off only but I'll take it...of course I'm not out the door yet and there is a "looky loo" here so I might not get out so early after all. One of the problems with rain is that when it starts everyone runs to the nearest shop, drips rain all over the place and just walks around until the rain stops. While I do the same if I'm somewhere, I shop in the stores I go in. Apparently that code of conduct is not universal. Oooh, my Looky Loo is out I'm out of to you later. Have a great day!

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