Monday, August 18, 2008

Old Friends and new....

Now that the summer is winding down, I want to say thanks to all the stitchers who stopped by the shop and introduced themselves. When you came in and asked if I was Sally, "the writer of the blog" my first instint was to lie because I'm a bit embarrassed by my rantings, but in the end I did admit who I was because I do take responsibility for what I write, good and bad. But it's a wonderful feeling to have people tell me they get a laugh, because that is what I hope you get out of it. I'm not bashing anyone or any group really, just pointing out the reality of what I experience. So thanks to Kathy C. who was here over the weekend for stopping by. Kathy actually stays at the hotel to be closer to the can't get any closer than that unless we start putting cots in the shop for you to sleep on (and don't even suggest it or I might do it.). I can't believe in 2 weeks it's Labor Day and summer will have ended as far as I'm concerned. We'll still be open at night for a while, but the crowds are already gone as families are preparing to get their children back into school. Last night in the shop it was so lonely, very few people came in...well, people came in but only to stop me from playing with my DS..they weren't really shopping. And might I add, I've had people coming behind my counter lately and I have to tell you that annoys me. One woman last night while paying was closer to the cash drawer than I was...I'm not kidding she was standing over it as I was trying to get her the change. And she saw nothing wrong with it. Most people come out of the fog and realize they are behind the counter, apologize and move away, but this woman...she was there until the transaction was over...and I was really annoyed, so if you come in to the shop, please don't do that or I might have to open a "can of Whoopass" on you (I just had to say that...I love that saying). Oh yea, let me ask that you please don't try charging 10 cents in our stores...yes, 10 cents. In the shop, Shell Stocked, someone actually charged 10 cents. Sara about passed out when the bag came upstairs and she found that little surprise. While we have never put an amount on what the base level charge should be...I'm pretty sure no one would allow anyone to charge only 10 cents and people if you don't have 10 cents with you...then don't shop for anything small that would cost under $5. For God's sake give the merchants a chance to make some the time the bank takes their cut, and the charge company takes their cut...there's nothing left from 10 cents. It's been a few days and I'm back and madder than a wet hen. We have watched the building next door slowly turn a corner of their property into a dumping site...and I do mean dumping. Since June they have accummulated 3 sofa beds, a toilet, a stove hood, and several wooden platforms. We've waited for the city to do something, especially since the sofa beds were not partially sitting on city property. We watched city workers drive by everyday and still in 3 months no one made a move. So this week we went into action. Sara started by calling city hall (a crap shoot if ever there was one). They passed her to waste management (right department but with a glitch) who told her to call to have it picked up. The glitch...if you call the city to pick up your trash they charge you. So Sara explained that we didn't own the property, we wanted the city to come and speak with the owners and get the situation taken care of. Now before you think.."why didn't you just go to the owners of the property"...they are not people that we have been able to deal with in the past...they own all the Sunsation T-shirt stores on the East Coast and couldn't care less about anyone but themselves..and they certainly don't care what their properties look like,"...hence we have to contact the city. So the waste management rep then connected us with the building inspector's office...which makes no sense since it wasn't a building problem. But we went alone merrily thinking someone would do something (how foolish of us). So they said they'd send the building inspector out and we knew it was a dead end since this is the same man who let the building on the other side of us put in windows which weren't up to code. But we went along, after 2 days I called and went through the same bull crap! We waited another 2 days and then I really got mad and e-mailed every council person, the mayor and every head of every department in the city telling them I had enough, and someone better do something. Well, we got action people...however, having said that only two of the council people responded, the only women on the council and two heads of departments, Hal Adkins and Sam Villani, and I'm grateful for them all. Hal got his men on it first thing this morning and had the whole mess cleaned up in no time. Meanwhile the mayor e-mailed me telling me he had riden his bike past it several times so he knew all about it. What a jackass!!!! Knew about it but didn't deam it important enough to do anything....unbelievable. And who was he contacting...Director of planning and that's the right department. Honestly, this guy doesn't have a clue! He did give me a slight reprimand (like I give a crap) over my remarks regarding the building inspector who I suggested was on the take...perhaps I didn't suggest it but just down right stated it. I'm sure that remark will come back to bite me in the ass...but I don't give a damn. Anyway, I serious believe several people are on the take down here but I can assure you not Margaret Pillas, Nancy Howard , Sam Villani, or Hal Adkins. Governments are no longer for the people or by the people but have become more "them against us." It's time we took it back....from local to federal. Needless to say I'm feeling a little better not having to look at the dump out my back door. Yes, it's returning to Paradise once again...the air is cooler, the breeze is back, the ocean is churned up but lovely and sparkling...the beaches aren't as crowded...and I got my car back (o.k. I'm $900 poorer, but my car is back). Life is grand once again. I hope it's great for you too...have a great to you soon.

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