Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cable Companies are the new pain in my butt...

Yes, I arrived home last night at 10:30 p.m., tired and looking for to another reality program on Bravo and got the surprise when I turned on T.V. to see that I had no cable. At first my mind went instantly to "did I pay the bill" and then I knew I had since there were no bills sitting on my desk (O.K., no old bills). But since it was 10:30 p.m. I popped in a movie and moved on. This morning after arriving at work, I called Comcast and explained that I had no cable and that they had turned it off when they turned off Mary's (she's gone the direct T.V. route). Now, apparently they can disconnect without me being at home, but to reconnect, well I have to be there during their "window". So I said, "I work 7 days a week...I am not home for 3 hours at a time during the day." So she says, "Well, we can schedule it on Saturday...let me find 3 hours..." to which I replied, "Well, I believe Saturday would fall within the 7 day work week and like I said, I work." To which she says, "Well, anyone can be there, it doesn't have to be you." So I tell her, "there is no one there but me and I work." So she says, "Well, when I can't be at my house my Aunt comes and sits there for me." Now isn't that lovely...I'm not sure was she saying her aunt would come sit at my house for me? But now I'm digging in my heels.."Well, I don't have an aunt or anyone else that can do that for me." So she says, "Well we can't put in a service call without someone in the house." So I said, "Well put in for a disconnect then since you've already done that without me in the house and disconnect the internet service as well and stop sending me bill." She says fine and then switches me to disconnect who wants to know if they can forward my service to another address and have it connected before I get there. O.K., so you can connect my service to another address prior to my arriving, but you can't connect me to the house I live in and have lived in for years because I'm not home? I'm not getting this it me? Anyway, the end result...I've disconnected my cable! There will be movies in my future until I move home....or reading both of which I like. And let's face it, how much time am I really awake at home...very little. This should be an interesting process. No, my reality for the next 5-6 weeks. We'll see who breaks first...(I'm not taking any bets on this one.) It's been a couple of hours since I started the blog, I was winding down from my rant when I got the mail and what was in the damn Comcast bill. That put me over the edge once again so I sent my Comcast a letter telling them exactly what I thought of them. We all know how much they are going to care...but now I'm seriously thinking about turning to Direct TV. I just can't make up my I will be without T.V. for a few days while I ponder Direct TV and longer if I go back to Comcast (bastards that they are).

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