Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Paradise once again...

The weather couldn't be more perfect....while there is high humidity with the temperatures down and the breeze blowing, we've been able to turn off the a/c's and catch some fresh air...oh, my God, it's delightful. I'm sitting here looking at the beach...O.K. there are still people out there and some of them should cover up (do they check the mirror?), but the water is dark but does look cold..O.K., so maybe the water's not warm enough but this is Paradise for me because I don't go in the water. Growing up here I use to live in the water as a child, but I hit the age of 14 was able to go to work and earn my own money and I forgot about the water. I may love looking at it, but I sure don't want to go in it. So maybe this is just my Paradise...but I'm lovin' it today. Molly and her son Justin were in today and it was so nice to see them. They both have a great sense of humor so it was fun talking to them. Well, I've done it again...I started my ornament for the "ornament exchange" (which has only been an ornament once but has since evolved into boxes, clocks, etc.) and I brought it in to match up some thread and when I took it off the Q-snap realized I had worked it on the width of the fabric instead of the length and there wouldn't be enough room to complete the project...oh, crap! If you knew how many times I've done this you wouldn't even feel sorry for me (which I'm assuming up to this point you had great empathy). The good news...I've got time to start over....but it's still an "oh crap" moment. So far tonight no one has really aggravated me, but I'm on pins and needles waiting for it cause I just know it's going to come..either a worker here or someone passing through the shops, usually not a stitcher. There do seem to be a lot of children on the loose, but I have to say the 3 young girls I had in the Vera Section without parents (they are staying in the hotel which means they get to roam anywhere on the property without supervision) and you couldn't have found 3 10-12 year olds with more respect for elders and manners. Their parents did a good job! See I don't hate children, I just don't like the ones who are precocious, obnoxious, bratty, etc., etc., etc...well, my luck just ended. A father who was suppose to be keeping the children outside entertained apparently couldn't take it for more than 5 minutes and the kids are inside. My night is going downhill quickly. And to make this more painful...we're going to have to disconnect the internet in the shop (which will take away some of the fun) because I can't keep the Ukraine students off the internet while they are suppose to be working. Darn it! Crap just doesn't cover it. Now I can't play while I'm suppose to be working. Believe me this is hurting me more than it is them.

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