Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Lord, it's hot, muggy and I'm tired!

Yes, it is hot, humid, muggy and generally not a pleasant time for those of us who are height challenged (in normal talk that means fat). I'm telling you it's hard to breath in this weather and where the hell is the 66 degrees at night? If I didn't turn on my a/c I'd be dead! Anyway, we've started the slow down in Ocean City as we slide into Labor Day. At night I've been able to stitch some (that's exciting for me since I haven't finished Theresa's little surprise), but I do have a hard time staying awake, and pleasant, forget about that...if I even acknowledge you at this point it's a mistake. I can't smile anymore...don't know where that went, perhaps when I heard the 3 millionith person call the DMC threads ... string! That is, and I do not lie, what I've heard people call this for the last 3 days. Where are my stitchers I ask? String...obviously not stitchers. And the questions..oh, my God and then my favorite question..."Do you do O.K. here?" I just love that, like they really give a crap whether or not I do alright...I'm not talking stitchers, I'm talking about people who have no interest, walking through, and felt that was an appropriate thing to ask. Needless to say, they don't get much of a response...I do acknowledge them however, under my breathe I call them assholes...that's acknowledgement isn't it? And because I'm such a lady I do it under my breath instead of out loud, at least I don't think it's out loud. I'm starting to have a stage whisper (translated that means normal talking voice) like my mother had. I always had to watch what I said around her because you never new what she was going to say and while she thought she was whispering, she said it out loud and then if I said, "Mother the entire store can hear you." She always answered that no one could hear her because she was whispering. (God love her, she was clueless when it came to this). We once went into a store and I noticed that an ex-neighbor's wife was working there. Now this girl was crazier than a "bedbug" so I was warning mother not to say anything about her. So as we approach her things are going well, we both say hello and chat for a second and I'm thinking, Great we made it without mother saying anything to embarrass me and then she struck. As we are about 1 foot away from her mother says, "She doesn't seem as crazy now does she?" I'm telling you I could have put a muzzle on her at that point and yet she thought she whispered it while I could have been standing in the next room and heard her. Well, I have become my mother after all. In some ways that's great and in others...well, let's just say it's not great! I just wish I'd gotten her cleanning gene...that woman would make your bed if you got up to go to the bathroom...while I sleep on top of the bed so I don't have to make it. And you know my theory on dust....it's protective covering for the furniture, only to be discarded when company's coming...which I won't invite over because I don't want to take the protective covering off the furniture. It's a vicious cycle! Yesterday I was in Sea Trader hell from 10-4 and then Salty Yarns from 4-10..long days putting up with White Star Tours...yes they are in town again and looking for their ever elusive bargains. They must think Ocean City is an outlet...they don't even bother to come in, they open the door yell, "Anything on sale?" and if you answer no they just close the door and move on. I'm not sure they even care what you sell, but then does anyone. We've been asked for cigarettes, band aides, well, you name it we've been asked.

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