Monday, December 21, 2015

OMG, it's almost here!

This was my gift from Linda Wimbrow....I couldn't show it earlier because I struggled to remember who the designer was.  But I finally came across it, the designer comes from Priscilla's Pocket and the chart is called Stoneware Pin Pillows.  As if one wasn't present enough, I couldn't believe it when I opened this gift and there were 5 plus a beautifully stained tray to sit them in.  Thank you Linda, it is fabulous.  The finishing was done beautifully and I love the pom-pom edging used.  My favorite color has always been blue so this really was perfect for me.   I feel like I've already had my Christmas, with these beautiful gifts, but then I received 2 gifts from friends which I will show before Christmas so stay tuned.  I've been incredibly busy getting ready for the big day....baking, cleaning, yes I'm going to be exhausted before Friday arrives, but hopefully I'll get it all done.  If you came into my house right now you'd say "no way" but I work best under pressure so I'm still in that place where I still think I can pull it all together.  All gifts, so far, are wrapped and ready to go, but as it turns out I'm still not done buying.  I find after everything is wrapped that a few more gifts are needed for one of the grandchildren.  So I'll be hitting the stores again, ugh!  But I did start my Christmas baking.  This is new for me  really, I always say I'm going to bake cookies, but after buying all the ingredients I never get to it.  So this year I started with a cookie a day and so I'm thrilled that I will actually have a cookie tray this year.  While I really have never needed one with the desserts I make I just always wanted to have one.  My mother use to do about 30-40 different kinds of cookies every year.  She would tin them up and give them to her friends, but we always had a tray at home.  I guess I am becoming my mother after all.  I certainly missed her neat gene though.  Honestly I don't care how many times a day I pick up and clean up it's still a red hot mess here.  But today is the day.  I've got the dining room torn apart and ready to be vacuumed, dusted and table set.  Whohoo, I'm on the way.  I'm going to be so exhausted by the time Christmas gets here I'll need a week off. But my house will be clean and it will be so worth it.  But I'm sure I can get back to a mess in no time at all.  Hope you are ready to celebrate.

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