Monday, December 28, 2015

I am loving my presents...............stitching ones as well as non-stitching ones.

 Had to show you another gift that arrived on my door for Christmas.  This was from Stasi Buhrman.  She always finds the most fabulous tool cases and in this case a lace and button case.  I wanted to show you what was hanging on the gift cute the little thimble tree...believe me I'm making some of these to put on next years packages.  Will look cute on a tree with my hand stitched ornaments.  As for the case, well I've needed something like this for years.  I purchase lace for a project and can never figure out what I did with it when I need it (I'm obviously lacking in the organizational area).  This case is sitting on my shelf loaded with lace and buttons so when I need lace, I don't have to look through 20 bags praying I find it because it's on my shelves staring at me.  Thanks Stasi, I love it, needed it, and already have it ready for action.  And I love the goodies you put in the pocket.  At first I thought it was buttons only, which was great,  but then I discovered there was more than buttons in there.  Gifts within a gift.  Perfect!  I declare this year's Christmas, The Best Ever!!!  Today it's Monday, 12/28 and the weather has definitely taken a turn.  I'm not complaining considering it was sunny and near 70 on Christmas day as well as the 26, and the 27th.  But to have it back down to the 40's...well I'm cold.  And yet, in a day or so it's going back up to 60 again.  Honestly before this is over we'll all have colds.  But I'm enjoying it so I'll love it while we have it.  I certainly will not complain about weather when ours has been so nice and every  morning I wake up to news of another disaster area due to weather in those areas.  You can't help but think about the folks whose homes were destroyed while you are enjoying a wonderful dinner in a warm house with family and friends.  I've done a lot of praying for those folks and will continue to keep them in my prayers.  Due to the blustery winds and cold temps there are very few people on the boardwalk, but due to the needs of the stitchers, a few have shown up to get supplies, weather will never keep us away from shops selling stitching supplies.  We're grateful to see them too.  I'm getting the itch to stitch, so I'm going to go to the fabric section and see what I can much fun to start something new (like I don't have enough old projects to finish but I need something new I think to get me back into action).  I'm hoping that, as in years past, this year I will start out the new year finishing an unfinished project between each new project.  We'll see  how long that lasts.  Have a great week


gregory maccord said...

Happy New Year!!

Stasi said...

Thanks for the "shout out" Sally. Glad you like the gift.