Friday, December 11, 2015

14 days and counting...................I'm so fun has already begun!

Stitch 'n Bitch Christmas Dinner was held on Monday night and while we were down one person, Debbie Liming ran into car issues, it was still a wonderful start to our holiday festivities.  And of course goodie bags flowed as did gifts.  I don't partake in the secret santa because I have so much stitching to do anyway, but these ladies always bring me Christmas presents which I love and just between you and me, I look forward to them.  But I did get to see the secret santa gifts and it's amazing the work these women do for each other.  Shows what a wonderful group we have.  So I want to share my stitched gifts because of the fabulous ideas and so you can see how others are finishing projects which is always so inspirational, and I'm going to only show one per day so you can really focus on each one.  Todays gift was from Candi,  who stitched a Shepherd's Bush scissor fob and purchased the box and other container at Hobby Lobby and turned them into a fabulous set for my sewing table.  The first picture shows the front  of a handled mini tote and the closed Ort box and the 2nd picture shows the back of the tote and the open ort container.  She painted both pieces, along with putting Ort on the circular piece.  There is a handle you can't see in the box.  But so cute, don't you think?  Now, of course it makes you think about what you could do as well.  I love the idea of attaching a stitched Shepherd's Bush fob to the handled box...I love stitching their fobs so this is a wonderful idea.  I mean you can stick pencils in there, scissors, rulers, well anything you need beside your stitching chair and then you have your Ort container for your cut threads.  How organized am I going to be.  In looking at the ort container, I noticed the lid was recessed which means you could make this into a pin cushion and still close the lid.  Oh,my goodness...the ideas are endless aren't they?  And you could stitch a band to go around it....oh my goodness my mind is just clicking along.  Thank you Candi....I love it!  I decided to use all my gifts in my Christmas decorating so I haven't put it in use as a sewing companion, but as soon as the decorations are put away they will go on the table beside my stitching seat.  Next time I'm in Hobby Lobby I'm going to scope out the wood section again.  I do it everytime I'm in there, but I don't remember ever seeing the ort container.  Perhaps I simply overlooked it.. 


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