Saturday, December 12, 2015

13 Days and counting....if you aren't done stitching your gifts by now you may be too late!

I loved this when I saw it and didn't even know what was inside.  Jennifer Humphries stitched this little pin cushion inside the votive holder (this is actually a candle holder).  The lid is removeable and it's so dear you know I was on the internet trying to find this little tea pot the day after the dinner.  It kills me to tell you I was unable to find one this cute...and I refuse to settle for less so the hunt goes on.  But as with Candi's gift yesterday, this could not only be a pin cushion (notice the bottom if you can see it, Jen filled the votive holder with green beads and put the pin cushion on top so you don't see the bottom of the pin cushion at all) but if you just take the pin cushion out of the teapot, the teapot can be an ort collector.  Oh, my, God....this is so exciting to me.  I keep a little bowl beside me to collect my threads.  Debbie Liming changes her stitching bag, scissor fob, and anything else in her bag with the seasons and I always thought that was so wonderful as it gives you an opportunity to use a lot of the many gifts and also things you stitched for yourself. . So now I try to remember to switch totes, etc. with holidays and seasons.  My Halloween ort dish was still out though until it was put away the other night when Hedy gave me a beautiful square Polish Pottery bowl just right for an ort collector at the Stitch 'n Bitch dinner.  I'm a Polish pottery collector and Hedy always finds me the most unique pieces, things I've never seen anywhere so I'm always thrilled to see Hedy at Christmas.  I just know she's found another gem for me.  The minute I got home I got rid of Halloween and now have my Polishware out.  (a little late, I have nothing for November, although my new bowl is I'm ready for next November.)  Candi's set, which I showed yesterday,  will be perfect for snowy January and then my teapot will come into play in February.  What fun I'm going to have switching my different pieces out.  It's this kind of entertainment I love...trying to figure out what I can switch out so I can have a different view.  Yes, just a glimpse into the excitement of my life.  Oh, well, it suits me fine.  So this is it for today.  Again, while Sara is lounging on the beaches of Jamaica I'm toiling away in the shop and since it's close to 70 degrees on the boardwalk I'm kind of busy.  Sara will be thrilled until all the screw ups I've had...oops sorry about that.  Apparently I've been away from this for too long.  Have a great night and I'll have something else to show you tomorrow.


Stasi said...

Love this Sally...and Jennifer!!!Let me know if you find where to buy the little teapot!

Sally Rutka said...

Stasi, it's so funny that you commented on this since you were the one I was trying to find it for. I'm searching still, but if I find one you won't need to because I'll be stitching it for you.

Your gift is going in the mail have an eye out.