Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer has officially begun...........................

Summer officially began yesterday morning at 9:30 a.m. when I sent Michael home with all his
school stuff, book, computer, number pad, calculator, a big hug and a fond good-bye for the school year.  Whew!  There were moments when I didn't think we would both make it.  But we did and after Sara reported to the person in charge of homeschooling, she reported back that she was told that Michael could just take an Algebra test and then proceed on to the next level which would put him ahead of his class, because we went so far past his class in public school.  Kudos for Michael, although I don't think  Sara's going to do that.  The stress on Michael could be too much.   I do have to say he doesn't want to go back to public school and left here crying over it this morning which just tugs at my heart.  I always loved school so it saddens me when someone doesn't.  But I'm hopeful he can get over that when he does go back.  But he also realizes if he starts to sink we'll pull him out in a New York second.  Fingers crossed he loves the experience.  I've had a lazy day of stitching and napping.  I knew I should start the clean up, but just couldn't force myself. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the energy to do that.  Get my dining room back to a dining room and dust (what?) and vacuum(is it really necessary), and put all school stuff away.  I really can't wait.  But I'll miss having my Michael with me so much, although Izi seems to be taking his place.  In celebratation of my new status, free, I finished "Can't see the forest" which is one of the classes coming up with Betsy Morgan.  While I've finished a few pieces of the 2nd class, "This One's for Betty" I'm not showing it until it is done.  As an end of the school year present to myself, I've allowed myself this one night of working on my obsession, Serenity Harbor, but tomorrow I go back to class pieces. Oh, no...Sara just dropped off the latest piece in the Shepherd's Fold series.  Since that series is up to date and on display in the shop the pressure is on to get this piece finished, but when will I have time?  Good thing school is over, I really have no time for it...I've got to get my stitch on.  Have a great day and keep that needle moving.

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