Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day.....we had a beautiful day to remember those who sacrified their lives for us.

The day started quietly as I seem to be the only one up at 6:00 a.m. and it's really the best time of the day for me.  It's peaceful and quiet after 2 days of yelling and screaming and partying from the visitors who flocked here for a sun filled, fun timed weekend.  I'm thrilled as they had a good weekend, weather wise, although it didn't reach the 90's as they had said  it would, we were in the 70's, so I am hoping everyone had a great time.  I know one thing..there were a lot of people here, actually still here.  Parking lots all over are full this morning, so I know it's going to be a nightmare for these folks who are leaving today.  The hotel was as full as we could allow it to be since we had only one housekeeper this weekend.  We have 2 more arriving Wednesday, hopefully, but this weekend we were worried about getting rooms done so Mary blocked some of the apartments and rooms.  Because Mary was going to have to housekeep, I was called into service, working Salty Yarns as Sara had to take Mary's place at the front desk.  It's hard for me to step back into the shop at this point.  Two years ago I did everything, ordered merchandise, priced the merchandise and often put merchandise where it was displayed.  So walking in there now, I am clueless.  Sara has moved everything, so I have no idea where anything is placed, I have no idea what's been ordered so I have no idea what we I said, I'm clueless.  I spend the first hour going over the new racks....not to familiarize myself with the merchandise, but to add to my stash, just have the best time doing it.  Yesterday was no different.  I arrived about 45 minutes early (much to Sara and Mary's dismay) but went over and had fun shopping.  I dropped many charts and some Just Nan's pins into my tote before we even opened the pay for working a shift.  Anyway, I never bring class projects to work, always work on something from the store when I'm there so I pulled down what has become my shop project.  It's the first picture here.  I explained this project before, Sara started it a couple of year's ago and that was about it.  It has been sitting on top of one of the displays since.  When I was working one day last month I rediscovered it and thought it might be fun as it's canvaswork which I love although haven't done any in a couple of years.  I thought I could do at least one section on each side each time I worked, but I guess I didn't think about the fact that it grows in size each time so it could take a lot more time each time I work a section.  Well, it occurred to me yesterday as it took me the full shift to do 2 full sides and part of the 3rd side...duh! What's wrong with my brain!  Then I get disappointed because I haven't reached my goal.  But still having fun with it.  This project is called Autumn Logs and it reminds me of a log cabin quilt.  Anyway, the colors are typical autumn colors which is always a favorite palette of mine, therefore I enjoy most of the colors on this.  And because it's canvaswork, it really can be sort of mindless.  Once you establish the stitch and pattern, it's just repeated until the end of the block.  In this particular case, the color changes happen at each block so I can zip along without working about color changes, and the one stitch is used throughout the entire block or log.  So unlike my all time love, counted cross stitch, I don't have to worry about constantly checking the chart, or worrying that I may miss a color change.  Mindless!  And I think we all need mindless projects once in a while.  It doesn't mean there are no challenges, just that you don't have to keep an eye on a chart, etc.  Just got the dreaded text from Mary.  Too many rooms rented for one person, so it looks like I'm back in the shop today.  At least I'll get more work done on Autumn Logs, and may be able to reach yesterday's goal.   I'll make that my goal for today....I'm sure I can reach that.  (Later on same day)  I got home from work around 4:30 and picked up my Betsy Morgan class piece.  Now that I know I've got 2 weeks before the class I'm sure I can complete the kit if I just get down to business.  Once I knew I had 2 weeks, I took Sunday off and worked on Serenity Harbor which is the second picture you see.  I finished the 4th section, so next Saturday, God willing, I'll the day to start section 5 and hopefully will find time to finish that so I can be up to date as the 6th section will be here around the 3rd of June.  Time marches on even when I'm not caught up.....UGH!  Today I did finish yesterday's goal, but found myself making mistake after mistake.  I'd stitch a section, tear half out and do it all over again throughout the day.  I just couldn't get focused...I guess it's not as mindless as I thought!  But I'm still loving it and enjoy seeing it grow.  And today I started looking for the next one.  Oh, my nothing I love more than finding a new project.  But tonight it's back to over one stitching and Betsy Morgan.  I hope everyone remembered what Memorial Weekend is about and said a prayer for the fallen.  Without their sacrifice, where would we all be?  Have a great week.


Robin said...

Isn't it a fabulous thing to be able to say "too many rooms rented"! So happy for your continued success. And as always enjoy reading your blog. It often feels like we are all sitting in the lobby and your are telling us your tales.
Robin from Delaware Valley Sampler Guild

Debbie Brotzman said...