Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Wow!  It sure was for me.  What you see is my new Baby Lock machine....a gift from my 2 girls....I couldn't be more thrilled.   I also have Stasi Buhrman to thank as she was instrumental in my getting it.  I was talking about taking a trip to Pa. in the fall to see about getting a new machine, since you can't get these over the internet, and Pa. is our closest dealer I think.  Stasi had purchased one earlier this year and we had talked about it.  She sent me a brochure on it and after looking at that and info on the internet, I decided that was the one for me.  But there was no way, at this time of year,  I could just take the time off to go to the Pa.  to get one.   Sara spoke to Stasi who offered to go to Pa. (she lives in West Virginia) to pick one up for the girls to give me.  And that's my Baby Lock story. .  My girls are the best!  And so are my friends!  Thanks Stasi for all you do, it seems no wish is too much.  I so appreciate it and couldn't love it more.  Best Mothers Day ever!!!  I know it's not about the gift, but a great gift makes the day even greater.  And then Vernon ordered a bushel of crabs, so while that wasn't our typical Mother's Day dinner, I still enjoyed it.  And even had a beer....(I seldom drink anymore so that was not normal).  Great day all over.  I will keep yesterday in mind when I'm dealing with the attitude I now face with Michael who feels school should have ended a month ago.  Yes, Baby Lock, Baby Lock, Baby Lock will be my mantra as I try to get Michael back on school track.  It's hard for him to think about school when he arrives each morning in bare feet, riding his skateboard in board shorts.  Yes, he's over school.  To be honest, I too am now counting down the days.  Won't be long!  Anyway, shout out to Crystal as she starts her retirement today, Friday was her last day at work.   I pray you slept in today and were able to start stitching the minute you did get up.  Have a great ride!


Stasi said...

So glad you like it!!! I'm happy to have been able to help deliver it for you! Happy Mothers Day!

Sally Rutka said...

I cannot thank you enough for picking the machine up for the girls. I love it and thank you for being such a great friend to this family