Wednesday, May 13, 2015

OH, boy, I'm am getting further and further behind.  Sara asked me to stitch a new store model as quickly as possible on Sunday and while it's a smaller model, it is pushing me further behind in getting Betsy Morgan's projects done.   I'm desperate to get them done before she arrives in June....don't know if I'm going to make it and it's driving me crazy.  It's also driving me crazier that I can't work on my obsession.  I finally decided it would be better to give myself one day per week to work on Serenity Harbor since Judy and I are suppose to be doing a stitch- a -long and  I'm get manic over the fear that Judy will surpass me.  My progress is shown in the bottom picture.  I'm half way through April's chart and then it's on to May and hopefully I'll get it done in time to welcome June's section.  I hate playing catch up on the projects which are done over a series of months.  It's so much calmer if I do each section as it arrives and then have to wait for the next section.  Stitching problems!  It's never easy,  is it?  The Noel  project pictured is actually  a gift given to me by Shiela Fitzhugh during the Stitchers Retreat weekend.  I'm so lucky to have Shiela and Trudy, her niece, in my world.  They give me great ideas, gift me beautiful stitching, loan me finished projects to use for month's on end and to top it off they gave me a wonderful gift card to my favorite restaurant, Sunset Grille.  Thanks ladies for all you do, and Shiela thanks so much for my gorgeous ornament.  I've got it hanging at home already, I always have the Christmas Spirit, and enjoy it so much it really doesn't matter to me if I have a little Christmas up year round!  I've still got 3 Christmas pieces hanging, including my latest Noel...Merry Christmas.   I simply love the stitching weekends because I do have some spare moments to reconnect with my stitching friends, catch up on what they are busy stitching, projects they've finished, etc.  But I usually need a week or two afterwards to catch up on my stamina.  Since I last posted I have to tell you about another stitcher's wonderful Mother's Day gift.  My friend Debbie Liming sent me a text which happened to be an unbelievable sonogram of her mother's day gift.  Debbie's daughter is going to make her the grandmother of a boy.  Welcome to the boy's club Debbie.  And while you will see more star wars, mine craft, and skateboarding that you ever wanted to know about, you will also have the most amazing conversations and adventures than you would ever believe you could have.  And if they are around you enough they will want to know how to stitch, so all is not lost on passing along the stitch gene.  Michael, and Solomon, while they no longer stitch, were taught to do counted cross stitch and knitting and both have finished a couple of projects.  However, the call of the skatepark has taken both of them in the opposite direction, but I could still get them back later....when pigs fly, but one never knows what the future holds.  Anyway, Debbie, couldn't be happier for you. Had our monthly Stitch 'n Bitch last night.  Small crew but always fun to get together.  I personally never pick up a needle, in fact don't even know why I bother to take my tote, but some of the ladies picked up needles.  Connie picked hers up and lost it 5 seconds later along with a ball of floss, but at least she picked up the needle.  Judy and I converted Linda Winbrow over to our latest obsession, so her Serenity Harbor adventure is about to begin.  Always great to bring in new recruits to a project, so now I guess I'll be racing her as well.  However, summer is always everyone's slowest time to stitch with outdoor activities so wonderful, and since I stitch as much in the summer as in winter, this is when I will shine.  (Of course the Welsh Cottage is still in a bag waiting..oh, my!)  Anyway, I'll keep you posted on our progress.  This morning I decided to start on the 2nd Betsy Morgan class I didn't get the first one done yet, but wanted a change of pace from  "This One's for Betty,"  so out came  "Can't See the Forest" which is a tad bit easier to begin with (don't know what's coming yet...) as it appears to be over 2 ,threads with just the animals over 1.  I think (that's always been dangerous in the past) I can get the first panel done in 1 day if I can stay awake.  (that's a big if at this point).  But so far this has been a fun stitch (started this morning and was moving right along until Michael got here for school...ugh)  I'm so ready to be done with school for the year.  Of course, with Michael already finished his finals he feels school should be over anyway, so it's been tough go since then.    We did a review on Algebra last month after that final exam,  which went pretty well.  Unfortunately I can't say the same for English.  He is so finished with school he's playing stupid (I pray he's playing).  Acts like he doesn't remember ever seeing some of this.  And yet, a few months ago he was able to do all of it. Last night at Stitch 'n Bitch one of the stitchers asked Michael if he was learning anything and he said, "yes."  I hope he has, thought he had, his tests showed he knew it but I find myself threatening him with summer school if he doesn't buck up.  I think  he knows I'm bluffing since I'm as ready as the next person to be done.  7 more school days to go and we're out.  I'll be singing the Alleluia Chorus and I'm sure Michael will be joining in.  Have a great stitching evening.  

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