Monday, July 7, 2014

It's been almost a week since I last erupted over the number of boxes of yarn that arrived...well Sara and Pat got it all put away in the storeroom (don't ask where..I haven't, nor have I gone back there to see) and the other cartons have also been dealt with and more come in everyday.  It's an endless stream of work, but that is expected this time of year so as long as Sara stays on top of it and gets things priced...well I may, and I emphasize "may" just shut up.  I did want to show you a few of my birthday surprises.  First is the fabulous Tim Holtz watch fob that Stasi Buhrman stitched for me...fabulous, love it..we're all about the mermaids here in Ocean City.    Then another Tim Holtz piece, the album which opens and inside is the world's smallest sampler, also by Stasi Buhrman.  Have you ever?  I hadn't but you better believe I was on the internet ordering some of the albums to have in the shop.  Loved the idea and thrilled to have it as a gift.  She gifted it to me in the little shaker type box filled with fleece which I can then use in a pin cushion.  Wonderful idea...a gift within a gift.  I feel very lucky to have friends who stitch for me, and give me fabulous piecee.  Next blog I'm going to show you the very special bag Paola stitched for me.  I want to put it on tomorrow's blog because I forgot to take a picture of the back of the bag and I want you to see both sides...fabulous!  Anyway, thank you Stasi for such wonderful gifts.  You know I've already taken the idea of the mermaid piece and while it wasn't the same, I made one for Renee for her birthday.  I think it is fabulous and will show it down the road as well.  But it wasn't just stitching I received...I thank Crystal Szymansky and Cynthia Radley for my gift card to Sunset favorite spot to eat and also thank Sheila and Trudy for my other gift card.  You ladies know the way to my heart it's definitely through my stomach.  I am so grateful for the gift cards because it allows me to go out to eat several times during the winter.  And while I've been to Hooks, etc., other great places in Ocean City...nothing compares to my Sunset Grille.  So thanks to all who remembered me with cards and was a great day for me.  Well, week really it seems to go on and's good to be me.

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