Thursday, July 10, 2014

Halloween is least the Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue is here and we're excited because this means we can officially start stitching (since I already stitched the halloween watch fob pieces shown on a previous post you know I already started stitching ) for the occasion which is one of  my favorite events to stitch for.  The designs are always so fabulous and there are some in this issue that I think are well worth checking out.  Of course I have a few favorites...well more than a few...there's "Trick or Treat" by Sharon Pope.  This design shows 4 children dressed in rich colors heading toward a haunted house with windows all aglow.  I love the witch in silhouette riding her brook across the moon.  So cute!  I also like "Scary Night" a sampler from Nancy Boyarsky of Glory Bee Designs.  It features an alphabet which has Halloween "things" as part of its alphabet,  and the scary cat, spiders and ghosts floating around.  And Patti Connor of SamSarah Design Studio has a "mummy" on perforated paper that is so good.  At first I thought she just stitched white for bandages on brown perforated paper, but she actually stitched the entire piece and then jointed it so it would look so cute on a Halloween Tree (don't we all have one?)  And the "Witches Tea Thyme" from Isabella Abbiati of the Primitive Hare...well it is too cute for words.  Three witches, along with the black cat are having a grand old tea party.  Don't want to miss that.  Susan Rohm & Pam Lewis of Praiseworthy Stitches have "Sale at the Bubbling Cauldron" which appears to be a witchy gift shop.  I love their house scenes so this is a nature for me...all kinds of things going on here.  While I wouldn't have guessed I would like this I am drawn to "Bullfrog Witch" by Casey Buonaugurio of Casey Buonaugurio this is a blow toad if ever I saw one.  This witchy toad is blown up but dressed for the occasion with his Witches hat and giving you the "you better beware" face.  Would make a cute door hanging.  I've done several word Topographies this year and Sharon Pope's "Halloween College" reminds me of them.  She has added a Celtic looking border of twining chains which really dresses it up and her jack o-lantern would look cute done by itself as an ornament.  Cute piece done as a whole or parts done as ornaments.  "Ghostly Mandala" by Tracy Horner of Ink is a wonderful black on white piece with all lines forming ghosts.  For fun & funky there is Amy Bruecken with "Pumpkin Girl" and "Jolly Jack."  We've seen these characters done for Christmas and they are always so funky they are cute and would look great on your tree or hanging from your door.  Check out the Candy Corn dangling from Jolly Jack...too cute.  There are owls a plenty if that is your thing...all sizes, by themselves or part of a design.  There are several ornaments in the issue...I'm telling you there are numerous reasons to get this magazine.  You won't be disappointed.  In fact everytime I flip through I find something else..."Midnight Ride" is a moonlit ride above a sleepy town by a witch in silhouette against the moon and she's pulling a banner behind her broom that wishes you a Happy Halloween.  This design is by Theresa Curry & Brian Stugelmayer of Needle Bling Designs.  Honestly I could go on and on but won't because I've got to get back to stitching.  When you are in your LNS or if you don't have one be sure to order this if you like Halloween as much as I do. 

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