Saturday, February 23, 2013

Best Week Ever......

We are still here....without a boardwalk to get into the shop, but we've managed for the past 6 weeks to get people in here without the front door. And I have to say our stitchers have found us regardless of the torn up mess out front. When Debbie and Phyllis were here over Superbowl weekend, Debbie commented that she'll be surprised if they have the boardwalk done by Spring Retreat...however, Deb they are working everyday again (for a while we didn't see anyone for a couple of days) and they have the cement columns done that will be running underneath the boardwalk and the gravel laid down that runs under the boardwalk up to 8th street. We of course are not there yet as we are between 8th-9th street, but at least we see it coming. The boardwalk is completed up to 7th street. We have found they have done damage to our property....for some reason tore up a cemented column under the porch (which helps holds up the porch) of the Ayresbilt on our property...don't know why, and they have taken out several pickets of our metal fencing...that's because they don't do anything by hand just use the big pieces of machinery and you best stay out of their way. But anyway, they are simply making more work for us and costing me money to boot. Honestly, I can't catch a break here. Vernon went down to city hall to ask what they are going to do about it and was told they would revisit it after the boardwalk was completed...which is the same as saying "screw you and your property". So nice to deal with governments large or small. Anyway, aside from that, we're fine. I had a lovely 5 days on the best vacation....sitting on my couch, sipping diet pepsi, stitching and knitting and watching vacation ever!!!!! I never got dressed (was in sweats...I'm not a pig) never brushed my hair, never changed my sweats.. perhaps I am a pig...Best Vacation Ever). But now I'm back to reality. I've showered, brushed my hair and changed my clothes and I'm back at work....and looking back fondly of the Best Week Ever!!! I pulled my Quaker Christmas Noel back out of the remember my talking about how much I loved it a few years ago and how I pressed it and the colors ran...oops, perhaps I did steam it by mistake. Well, I didn't throw it out even though I was tempted to because it was so much work and I loved it. I decided to use "Distress It" on it and so this weekend Sara got hers out and sprayed the hell out of the piece and I think it's worked well. While I can still see a little of the brown that bled out of the green silk, it really isn't as noticable so I'm taking it to the framer and hanging it for all to see this summer. I would show you here, but I can't figure out how to get pictures on the blog since they changed the set up. Damn, they are always changing things up so I can't figure things out. I'm getting way too old for all this techno stuff, but I'll keep at it and try to figure it out. I've finished Sherri Jones first class kit, Hare Pyns, right after Superbowl Weekend and started on the 2nd class kit, Blue Ribbon Box. I love this kit, the colors are so me...blues, greens with a hint of pink. I truly have enjoyed every minute of this it works up rather quickly. I finished it this week whoppee!!!! I even took a couple of days off to knit as Sara and I have joined forces (well perhaps I was drafted) to finish a gift for a family who is having to deal with their 3 year old's cancer. Colby is a little girl in Izzy's class and a good friend of Mary's, my daughter. Their son Cooper is Solomon's good friend, so when Colby was diagnosed last month it really took the wind out of our sails. We have been scrambling to get things for Colby to enjoy as she treks to Baltimore for treatment every week. When I came into the shop on Monday I noticed yarns and books on the cutting table. That is not unusual here as Sara, when left alone, finds projects she thinks she's going to do. When she got here she was explaining what she had pulled the yarn for...a prayer bag for Colby and a prayer shawl for Colby's mother. I thought it was a wonderful gift and said, "Wow, do you think you will be able to get it all done?" And she said," well Mom, that's why I wanted to talk to you....I thought we could knit it together." Now, no two knitters should work on one project as the tensions, etc., will probably be different and show so I said, you do the pocket and I'll do the shawl. So in addition to my class kits, the prayer shawl is now part of my life. I only took one ball of yarn home as my initial idea on the prayer shawl in the mornings and the Blue Ribbon box at night. However, I always set goals (and sometimes reach them) for how much I have to do in a day. I started the prayer shawl and just kept going that first day and since I was on the best vacation ever...I finished the first ball of yarn in that first day. So when I came back to work I took another ball of yarn home and started knitting when I got home thinking I'd do a couple of inches and then switch over to stitching. I finished ball 2 with no stitching getting done. Thankfully I didn't pick up the next ball for a couple of days so I was able to do several parts of the Blue Ribbon box. Today I've picked up 2 balls of yarn which should just about finish the shawl so I'm assuming that this week I can get it done, which puts me ahead of schedule on the prayer shawl. And with Blue Ribbon done that means I can stitch whatever I want. Of course we have Nashville Market coming that will take a week out of my life...a fun week, but not as much stitching as I like to do. But exciting because we see all the new stuff up close...and see our designer friends as well. Always fun! Anyway, I've started packing and of course first to go in the stitching. It's exciting for me because I can take anything now that my priorities are done...oh, my what to take, what to take. Anyway, I wanted to get my blog up to now I have and I'm signing off to help get the shop straightened up before Renee and Pat come in to work while we're away. Have a great day...keep on stitching.

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