Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SUPERBOWL SALE....starts Friday

We are gearing up for our annual Superbowl Sale and we're so excited with our first event in 2013 getting underway.  Debbie Liming and Phyllis Yurack, part of the Pennsylvania crew and retreating here this weekend, arrived this afternoon with lists, and projects galore to work on.   We're all working on Sherri Jones two class pre-stitch pieces but Debbie and Phyllis brought many more projects to work on and finish as well.  Phyllis has many of her 2012 Jackie DuPlessis pieces finished, but Debbie isn't as far ahead and poor Sara, well she hasn't completed one piece yet.  But I have high hopes for her and Debbie and Sara are suppose to work on Jackie's pieces this weekend so I'm praying she gets at least one piece finished, just to kick start her stitching again.  She did finish a Sweetheart Tree piece, I must admit,  this week....beautiful and will be on display in the shop.  Unfortunately for me, Sara's falling in love with knitting so it's hard for her to get back to counted cross stitch.  Her finished piece is not framed yet, but at least you can see her beautiful work.   I'm on the downhill side of Hare Pyns, and would have been finished if I didn't have to tear out the entire back panel...darn it all.  Lesson learned! But the most important thing I have to say now is....get out your lists, e-mail us, call us, we don't care how you do it, but let us know your needs by Sunday 4:00 p.m. and you will see a savings.  Anywhere from 10% to 30% off you entire purchase.  30% applies to all purchases $50 and over. 


Stasi said...

I'm boo-hooing that I won't be there but am getting my list together!

Anonymous said...

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