Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We need a Stitch 'n Bitch nurse on staff......

Tonight we had our monthly Stitch 'n Bitch meeting and I have to tell you, we're in sad shape. Tonight there were 9 of us there. It rained this afternoon so the boardwalk was wet which meant it was slippery so Sara and I were a tad concerned about the stitchers trying to walk the boardwalk to get here...but our group is filled with "troopers" who wouldn't consider a wet boardwalk as anything else but a challenge. But when we were all there we had to laugh about our conditions...Sara had a root canal done in the afternoon, so she was still feeling numb with the knowledge that pain was on it's way, although she brought her drink from home with her to sustain her in case pain did kick in. I had work done on my tooth a couple of weeks ago and have been experiencing nothing but pain for two weeks as we've (my dentist and I) have tried to deal with this. Jennifer H. decided to get healthier this year so she signed up for a gym membership and after her first visit, she was walking and slipped on something and broke several bones in her ankle (that's why I would never join a gym...I'm sure broken bones come from that...any excuse I can find not to join will work for me), so she came in with a brace on her foot and a crutch. Fortunately her husband brought her up to make sure she arrived without falling. She would have come with Hedy C. except Hedy is recuperating from back surgery so she didn't want to take a chance on falling with Hedy. Joyce C. arrived with a walker, Connie arrived with no cane even though she just had surgery last month...a knee replacement. Jackie J. arrived announcing she would be having her shoulder surgery next month and Kay F. announced her surgery on her foot would be sometime this spring. Pat W. is the only one that arrived whole with no problems...lucky Pat, although she might be rethinking be part of this rag tag militia. When it was time to leave the people who were mobile took one of the others who were less mobile and walked them to their car so we were certain everyone got to their car without falling. We may have to hire a nurse to attend our meetings, not sure, but it looks like it might be necessary. However, once we're here we are all fine. Hedy brought the food this time and what a spread...oh, my God, have you tried the new Parmesan & Garlic Triscuits? They are wonderful...and I should know. Since I didn't have dinner I just pulled my seat up to the food table and spent the entire evening there, however I did share. We had fruit, cheese, a delicious cheese log that Hedy made, brushetta, a variety of cookies...oh, yes, I had a delicious time at Stitch 'n Bitch. We did miss our regular members who weren't in attendance, Beth J., Linda W., and Candi W. who is on a cruise this week. Geez, a cruise or Stitch 'n Bitch...don't know how she made that decision. I'm not sure what everyone worked on, except Pat who showed us her knitted tube socks which were so colorful and pretty, but in two different colors...her theory being...if she stitched both the same color she would probably only knit the one pair, but by stitching from two different colors she was sure to get 2 pairs. Of course my theory is, after you stitch the 3rd sock what happens if you decide to knit no more and then you have one pair and an extra sock. (I always think of the negative aspects) As I was leaving I ran into Kay F. & Jackie J. unloading their car next door (they drive down from the Western Shore for Stitch 'n Bitch), at the Paradise Hotel. I wish you could have seen their car...it was packed from floor boards to rooftop. They had stopped in Salisbury and shopped til they dropped. There seriously wasn't room to spare....I'm not sure if Kay F. was strapped to the top or not for the ride home, but that may be the only place left for her. But one thing I do know...she doesn't need any new clothes for awhile. Due to the problems with my tooth I haven't been stitching lately...don't ask me what the tooth has to do with it but it's so distracting that I seriously cannot concentrate. But the pain is getting to be more manageable so hopefully I will be able to concentrate soon. I've got so much stitching to do and so little time. Oh, My! I've had some inquiries regarding the Superbowl Sale...we are having one this year, Sunday, February 1st (I believe...isn't that the Superbowl)...however, I am not sending out the postcards this year. I found that wasn't cost effective, so I'm just going to keep reminding you about the sale. You can walk in, call in, order over the internet, I don't care how you do it, the sale will take place. Lizzie Kate arrived Tuesday and how cute are her Halloween pieces? Usually I can't do Halloween again until around July, but I have to tell you these are to cute. We also got the Erica Michaels over one in and again cute but not for the faint of heart since it is over one. But it is our first Valentine's piece (although not strickly Valentine but we're calling it that). But these are the first two shipments of 2009 so we're excited. It gets kind of boring around this time of year as the designers are usually holding their new designs for Nashville which is a month away and we want new. So we're excited to be getting anything right about now. Anyway I'll try to get them up on the site in the next day so you can see them too. I have to go to work now...so have a great day and try to stay warm....I heard their was a chill coming, although we are snowless and I know the north is getting snow...crap when am I going to get a snow day.

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