Monday, January 26, 2009

Superbowl Sale.....6 more days.....

Oh, My God....we're so busy down here right now, O.K., not this minute because it's 7:31 a.m. and I'm still in my P.J.'s, but today we begin getting the shop set up for next weekend. The retreaters begin arriving on Thursday, so Friday our work really begins. We're so excited...this weekend is going to be so busy, so much fun, and great food (my favorite part), and then on Tuesday after Superbowl we leave for Nashville for a fun filled, action packed weekend running the aisles to pick up more needlework to bring back to the shop and we've already ordered some of it and it's wonderful. I haven't been this excited about Nashville in a few years. While we're always thrilled to see that much needlework in one place, there hasn't been a new project that really wowed us there. But this year we've already been wowed with the previews. So we're truly excited. This year marks the first time in 7 years that Sara and I will be traveling alone. 8 years ago Sara was 8 months pregnant and we went loaded with all kinds of baby stuff in case Micahel came early. After that Michael, & Mary and last year Solomon have always gone with us. We were like a gypsy caravan making the trip. After my mother died I also took my father for 2 years (that was less than pleasant for all of us as he was in mourning and just wanted to be left alone, but couldn't be). This year Michael is staying home, which means Mary and Solomon are also staying home. I'm not sure how well this will work as Michael looks forward to missing school by going to Nashville. He's going to be staying with Mary and we're hoping the fun of that will diminish his wanting to go with us, but I'm sure there will be tears in the end....from him not Sara who looks forward to the peace and quiet leaving Michael home will bring to her. All I want to do is get away for a little while. The show doesn't start until Saturday and we arrive on Wednesday, but they have a wonderful mall in Nashville that I look forward to, and a Cheesecake Factory (you knew food had to be in the mix somewhere). So...the quiet may drive us crazy, but I doubt it. I noticed on the weather this morning that Nashville got an ice storm this morning, so I'm starting to worry about the weather. We usually get a little snow while we're there and that I don't mind, because it's never kept us from getting home. I'm a little worried about the ladies traveling here for the weekend because they are forecasting snow flurries here starting Tuesday, which means we'll probably see rain, but if it's dusting here God knows what Pennsylvania and the Baltimore, Western Shore will see. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't snow Thursday, roads will be cleared and the stitchers will be able to make it to Ocean City with no trouble. Well, I'd better get ready for work so let me say now...Have a great day...and I'll talk to you later. Oh, yea, since this is a newsletter for the shop if you have a moment take a look at Victoria Sampler's new Heirloom's exquisite. It's hard to see on my site, but if you look at it on their site you can see the's beautiful and for anyone with a daughter, especially a daughter who is starting to stitch, well it's perfect. Needless to say it's in my tote, along with 3 million other things.

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