Monday, January 5, 2009

The latest in my collection....

I promised you I'd show you what Sara stitched for me, so here it is. This was a piece from Ellen Chester. We were invited to join the stitchers from the Delaware Guild as this is a group project, so of course we signed on ... that was 2 years ago and mine hasn't seen the light of day since. However, my Sara pulled hers out and stitched it for me for Christmas. Horray....and I'm thrilled. It's an over one piece and the stitched portion is only 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" with the hornbook approximately 5 1/2" x 4". She did such a wonderful job, didn't she? Anyway, I just love it. Most of the projects Sara and I give each other as gifts end up in the shop as models, so lately we've decided to stitch things we don't carry in the shop so we can keep our new treasures in our homes. I'm thinking about shadow boxing this one and hanging it on the wall. I really need to get that display coffee table I keep talking about, I just haven't done it yet, but with the wonderful treasures I'm receiving I need to do something quickly. I don't have a picture of the other project yet, because she needs one more skein of a color to complete the tassels on the closing, but as soon as the weeks dye works comes in she'll be able to finish it and and then I'll get the picture. Meanwhile it's gloomy this morning, and I've decided to stay home and work today. I've moved my computer table to the opposite side of the sofa so that has become my office and the left side is where I stitch. I think I need to make the distinction or my office time gets mixed up with my stitching time. Before I forget, we have firmed up the date for Jane Timmers to come teach her "Finer Points of Finishing" and that is Palm Sunday, April 3-5th, 2009. So if you are interested in taking that's the one several people asked about during the Jamboree. I'll get more on it and let you know the specifics of what you will be learning, as well as a price, but I wanted to let you know asap so you could mark your calendars. Also, have you seen the Petit Sampler Etui...the collaboration piece from With My Needle, Praiseworthy Stitches, etc...oh, my it's wonderful. However, it's a limited edition chart so if you are interested in it you need to let us know so that we will have plenty on hand. We've already taken orders and we didn't even have it up on the site yet ( we are fortunate to have several very loyal customers who come to us to check if we have something before ordering from another shop....for which we are so grateful.) Weather Update: I heard from Stasi B. in Virginia and it hasn't started snowing there yet. Are you getting any? We're in the rain belt so we've had a little rain and it's cold down here although tomorrow it's suppose to be up near 50 and then go down again for the weekend (of course), but when I say down I mean 40's during the day and 20's at night if that. By the ocean the temps are usually higher in the winter and cooler in the summer, so when Salisbury (45 minutes away) has 29 degrees we are usually around 35 or 39. Yes, the ocean is a blessing in the summer but won't let us have much snow if any. For those with 6 feet of snow already you are probably wishing to live near the ocean. While those of us near the ocean are wishing for a little snow. But just let me go on record...not 6 feet of snow. We want enough snow to close everything down and let us sit inside stitching...but we want the sun out the following day to melt it all so we don't actually have to do anything with the snow. I don't think anyone here even owns a snow shovel...heck we don't own snowsuits, we barely own gloves, and I think we like it like that! Have a great night and keep those needles moving. Lots of stitching to do and so little time.

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