Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And so it begins....

I'm in my office thankfully getting confirmations for Spring Retreat out (I'm trying to get timely), when I called Mary to have her plug the names into the reservation system. She says, "Oh, Mom, by the way, someone has been trying to get ahold of you and she got testy so I got testy.." and all I could think was, Oh, we go. So I waited why she went into some long involved story and I could hear was the end...Mary telling me she thought the woman hung up so she said, "Asshole" and then the woman said something and hung up. But then the woman called her back to say how she didn't appreciate being called an asshole. Of course I am cringing down here knowing I've got to handle the fallout of this. So after giving Mary the lecture about no matter how much anyone aggravates never ever call them names...until you hang up the phone. So then I said you have no idea who this is? And she then says, "well she asked for the American Exress travel office" I said, "Well I'm not that why didn't you tell them they had the wrong phone number." She says she tried telling the person but they kept insisting they had to have my number. By the time she got done telling me all she said to the woman who apparently wasn't listening to the fact that she had called a hotel even I was calling her as asshole....however that was O.K. for me to do because the woman wasn't on my phone line. I remember Sara sitting out back with me telling when an annoying jackass one of our tenants had been at the front desk just as the man walked around the corner and heard it so he felt he had to defend himself. When will my girls never ever talk about tenants, customers, friends, etc., unless you are behind locked doors far beyond the reach of their ears and by that time you will have forgotten what you locked yourself in for. Other than that I'm having an absolutely fabulous day....well until Sara came into the office unexpectedly and found me eating the McDonald's #4 Value meal. And she thought I was going to eat healthier....well I did have yogurt for breakfast.....along with my peanut butter toast...does that count? Have a great day stitchers.

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